The iPhone does so many things it’s impossible to name a favorite shortcut. But here’s one I use a lot. Even if you’ve been using an iPhone for ten years there are some hidden features that you probably don’t know about. I didn’t know about some of these until recently but I can see where they can be a big help. 

I like to call them the “I was today years old when I learned….”

How many times do you select old text messages to delete, and you have to check or select each one individually like two-factor authentication notifications to log in to an account? My text message inbox stays filled with dozens of these. 

Swipe to bulk select texts, notes, and emails

On an iPhone, it is a lot easier to bulk select and delete messages and emails you don’t need. Just use two fingers to tap and hold and then swipe down. You’ll select every text message you swipe across. Then, tap delete.

This also works on other stock iPhone apps such as Mail and Notes. 

tap to return to the top

Have you ever scrolled through a website or news article, and then wanted to go back to the beginning, so you scroll back to the top?  Instead of doing that, just tap on the upper right-hand corner of the screen near the battery and WiFi icons. Two taps will return you to the top of the page in both Chrome and Safari browsers.

Ask Siri to listen to your favorite radio station

Did you know you can listen to the radio on an iPhone? Just ask Siri to tune in. Say “Hey Siri, listen to WMOT radio station”, and it will open the radio station within the Apple Music app. You just need to say, “Listen to”, the call letters, and “radio station.”

You can use this to listen to radio stations from anywhere in the U.S. as long as you know the call letters and say “radio station”.

You won’t need a secondary app for this, Apple Music has its own radio that many people don’t know is there. It’s great for football season and listening to other sports on the team’s home radio network.

Note that these tips and tricks run on later operating systems. If it doesn’t work for you be sure to update to the latest iOS 16.