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Friday, July 12th

The app of the day: Sketchar. Maybe the coolest app I’vee seen this year. Whether you’re an artist or just want to draw, this app uses AR to guide you through drawing, painting, and even graffiti art.

Thursday July 11th

I’ve lied. You’ve lied. I’m 100% confident that anyone who’s ever downloaded an app, signed up for a service, or hopped on social media has lied. We don’t even think about it. I’m talking about the terms of service agreements. No one reads them, yet we click “Yes I’ve read” anytime we see the pop-up. You’ll be surprised at some of the things you’ve agreed to. I’m looking at what these terms of service policies say and a quick way to find out before you click.

Tuesday, July 10th

Why this is the worst time to shop on Amazon (and BestBuy, Target, and Walmart). Hold on just a bit longer to buy that thing you’re wanting. With Amazon Prime Day coming up (and the other summer holiday shopping events), many online retailers jack up prices so the deals are more attractive. I’ll show you how to find out what items you’ll want to wait to purchase.

Tuesday,  July 9th

The FBI has issued a warning of a surge in credit card skimmers. They can be installed or placed on existing scanners at checkout in under 20-seconds. I’m looking at how to check before swiping and what you can (and should) do instead.

Monday, July 8th

credit card skimmers on the rise. The FBI says there is a surge in credit card skimmers in stores and gas pumps. These devices are quickly placed on credit card scanners and steal credit and debit card information. I’m looking at how fast criminals can install them and how to protect yourself.

Friday, July 5th

The app of the day: Collx. Baseball card collecting is an American past time. Many people collected cards as children and stored them away somewhere, thinking they might be worth a lot of money some day. Collx is an app to help people find out the values which, otherwise, cost money and lots of time. I’m looking at Collx to show how it works. And I’m looking forward to seeing what some of my cards are worth.

Thursday, July 4th

The biggest mistake you can make with your photos on an iPhone. If you store all of your photos in the iCloud there is a chance they’ll all be deleted forever. It’s kind of tricky and Apple doesn’t make the issue and answer very clear. I’ll explain and show how to do it safely without risking losing photos forever.

Wednesday, July 3rd

uh oh, you open gmail only to see a warning that your storage is full and you won’t receive new emails until you either pay for it or clear out your google account. Deleting unwanted emails can take hours so I’m  looking at the easiest way to get your storage back and what you have to pay just to keep it the way it is.

Tuesday, July 2nd

If you have a pet who wanders, you need this clever collar. More pets go missing on the 4th of July more than any other day of the year (fireworks). This collar tag called Fido Alert (and Tabby Alert) helps pet parents get reunited with their dog or cat by adding a QR code and notifications in case someone finds a lost pet. They scan the QR code which automatically sends a text and email to emergency contacts showing where the pet is located. I’m interviewing the CEO and showing how it works.

Monday, July 1st

How to shoot pictures and videos of 4th of July Fireworks. If you’ve ever tried taking photos or recording video before, you’ve had mixed success. Firework shows never look as good as it did when you saw them with your own eyes. But you can improve the odds of getting shareable video with a few tips and maybe a change in your settings. I’m showing how to prepare yourself for getting the shot.

Friday, June 28th

My sweet cat Skinny, show stealer of several WTT? stories, died this morning. Many Sphynx cats are born with a heart defect and we learned Skinny had it and our time with her would be short. It’s a hard day here. I will have an App of the Day story today I just haven’t picked one yet. Thank you for your thoughts.

STORY UPDATE: I need to use a story I did last year. I just can’t do one today. It ran last October and the app is still going strong. I’ll update the web story so it’s fresh on your websites. Alfred Camera is a security camera app that puts old smartphones to good use. Just like a security camera, you point the phone where you want it to monitor. If there’s movement or loud sound, the app sends a notification to your current phone where you can watch a live feed of what the camera sees.

I hope you all understand.

Thursday, June 27th

I was talking to some friends a couple of nights ago about Apple AirTags. Several of them said “I have four of them but I don’t know what to do with them”. Sometimes the simplest things are complicated. I’m looking at some good uses for AirTags (and Tiles) that you might not have thought about.

Wednesday, June 26th

What happens if your phone gets dropped in a pool, lake, or ocean? The news isn’t as bad as it once was. Apple updated its guidance on what to do with a wet iPhone and warns against one of the most common practice. I’m looking at how to save your smartphone if it accidentally gets dropped in water.

Tuesday, June 25th

a search engine that may finally get you to leave google. There are plenty of different web searches but Google is #1 and it isn’t even close. But a new search is unlike any of the others and it may be what you start using. Perplexity doesn’t just use links. I’m taking a look at how it works and why you might want to try it. 
Monday, June 24th

How to delete Kaspersky Security from a computer and why the US Government wants you to. Kaspersky was once a very popular anti-virus software program that was highly recommended by security experts. The US Government used it along with thousands of small businesses and home users. But now the Biden administration is blocking it from working in the United States for, security reasons. I’m explaining and will show how to make sure it’s no longer on your computer.

Friday, June 21st

the app of the day: Bandcamp  there are some 9 million apps in the app stores  if you’re a music fan who loves finding new bands, this may become your favorite. Bandcamp not only is better and music discovery, it sends more money to the bands than Spotify, Apple, and Amazon music.  Btw, I featured this app 3 years ago. This is an all new package.

Thursday, June 20th

protecting your smartphone from the heat. Most people take great care from keeping their phone from dropping in the water when they’re at the beach or pool. A bigger danger, perhaps is a phone getting too hot. Heat is the #1 reason your battery doesn’t last as long as it should. I’m talking about that and reviewing some best practices for protecting your phone from heat stroke.

Wednesday, June 19th

The best ways to save something on the internet to read later. We’ve all been there. We run across an interesting article or blog post while standing in line somewhere and we can’t stop and read the entire thing. Most people might just save it as a bookmark and then forget about it. There are easier ways to save something for later. I’m looking at a few of the best options.

Tuesday, June 18th

social media and kids. As you’ve seen the US Surgeon General proposes a warning on social media that it is dangerous for children. How would a warning work? Will it make a difference? And what are the dangers for children who hop on Snapchat,  Instagram, TikTok, etc? I’m talking to an expert to get their opinion.

Monday, June 17th

Helpful chat GPT prompts. I talk to a lot of people who still don’t know how or why to use AI. They stare at the search bar with no ideas on what to ask. I’m offering up some AI prompts you may not have thought of and a couple for parents of kids on summer vacations.

Friday. June 14th

The app of the day: water Llama and Water Minder. It’s summer and getting hotter so it’s important to drink enough water. These apps track your water intake and sends reminders to take a drink to stay hydrated. I’m featuring both apps because water llama is iPhone only and I’m not that big of a fan of water minder but it does give android users something.

Thursday, June 13th

following up on the story from Wednesday, I’m explaining why it’s important to download your Facebook photos, memories, posts, etc in case your account is ever hacked. It happens 300,000 a day and the folks who lose their accounts lose all of those uploads. I’m showing how to do it, and a recommendation that will allow you to start a brand new Facebook page without losing anything.

Wednesday, June 12th

I’m getting more emails from people who’ve had their Facebook accounts hacked. Not cloned but hacked. They’ve lost all of their photos, memories, videos, and posts and want to know what they can do to get it back. It’s a concern for every Facebook user. What happens if…? Today and tomorrow I’m looking at protecting your Facebook account. Today, what you can do to prevent someone from hacking your account.

more cool Father’s Day tech gift ideas. We’re talking the ultimate in cool. I’m looking at the coolest camera dad probably doesn’t have, the coolest thing I’ve bought this year, and a couple of quick-hitters.

Monday, June 10th

Apple releases information about all the new features coming to the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac today. It should be very interesting and the early word is your iPhone will soon have a ton of AI through a partnership with ChatGPT. I will watch and produce a wrap up of the high points. It’ll be a push as the event doesn’t start until 1 ET. I will have it ready by the 5P ET deadline.

Friday, June 7th

The App of the Day: FreeYourMusic. As Spotify raises prices again (twice in under a year) you might be thinking of switching streaming music services. What keeps people from switching is often losing the playlists you’ve carefully built over the years. FreeYourMusic makes it easy by doing it automatically. I featured this app nearly a year ago but I’m updating the package to address price increases.

Thursday, June 6th

Fathers Day tech gift ideas. We’re all spending much of our time staring at screens. Dads are no exception of course. And he may be using the same old screens of a decade ago. There are many new options for computer screens, movie screens, and gadgets to enhance his TV room. They make great gifts.

Wednesday, June 5th

As streaming services continue to raise prices people are wondering how to save money on the services they have (and want). One often missed opportunity is bundling and you may already have that option but just haven’t noticed it. I’m looking at how wireless companies and retailers offer discounts, or even free, subscriptions that you already qualify for and can help you save over $100 a year just by asking.

Tuesday, June 4th

Spotify raises prices again. And that’s not all. Streaming video and music used to be a great deal. But every single streaming service has raised prices in the previous few years. I’m looking at how prices have increased, maybe to the point that cutting the cord isn’t that much of a savings anymore. I’m following it up Wednesday with a piece on how to find savings on Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and the others.

Monday, June 3rd

Father’s Day gifts 2. For the techie dad these  gadgets are right down his alley.  A suitcase tv, a car gadget that earns crypto currency, and a dash cam

Friday, May 31st

the app of the day: Swift Key . do you text a lot? There’s a way to do it faster and more accurately using a new keyboard. Swift Key not only lets you swipe across the keys but it has AI to send more interesting messages.

Thursday, May 30th

finally! You know those posts of “copy and paste ‘Meta does not have my permission’…”? Meta is now marking those as ‘false’. I se e these things a;l the time and now Facebook is letting users know there is no truth to them. I’m revisiting these stupid posts and how they can lead to your Facebook profile being cloned. And how it took Facebook years to help us out.

Wednesday, May 29th

The app everyone should have on their phone. As many people start spending more time outside, hiking, boating, and traveling, this app What 3 Words can be a lifesaver. Actually, it has saved lives. The app is used by nearly everyone in the UK where it was developed and it is quickly being embraced by parents, outdoor enthusiasts, and emergency workers. It helps them find you if you get lost by using just 3 words. I’m interviewing the CEO and showing how it works, and why it should be on your phone.

Tuesday, May 28th

A couple of weeks before Father’s Day and I’m starting to round up some gift ideas for good ol’ dad. I’m looking at an upgrade to a popular BBQ, the new Google Pixel tablet, and a couple of other things most gadget-loving dads will appreciate.

Monday, May 27th

Happy Memorial Day. Seeing your home on Google Earth was kinda cool at one time. Today, it’s a little scary. Police report criminals use Google Street View to case neighborhoods. They can see what types of cars are in driveways, can plan their escape route, can see if there are storage sheds, and even security cameras. I’m looking at Google Street View and why you may want to blur your house, and how.

Friday, May 24th

The App of the Day: Imprint. Do. you find yourself scrolling TikTok and Instagram whenever you have 2 minutes to spare? Instead of wasting your time with social media you can put those 2 minutes to good use by learning something. Imprint is a terrific app that summarizes books, articles, and podcasts into bite-sized “just the facts” articles. A great way to get smart and seem even smarter around other people.

Thursday, May 23rd

The busy travel season has begun. Starting with Memorial Day many of our viewers will be vacationing in AirBnbs, hotels, cruise ships, resorts, and state parks. I’m looking at some tech gadgets to take along wherever you go.

Wednesday, May 22nd

Memorial Day travel tech. Over 40 million people will do some traveling over the Memorial Day weekend this week. Whether you’re on the road, a plane, or any other mode of travel, tech gadgets are invaluable. I’m rounding up a few things to toss into your suitcase or the car console. And a couple of apps to install ahead of time.

Tuesday, May 21st

By request: how to leave behind your Apple and Facebook login information without giving someone your passwords. If you’ve ever been locked out of your FB or Apple accounts you know it’s nearly impossible to get back in. So if something happens to you, how is anyone supposed to take care of your accounts? I’m looking at how to “will” your information to someone else. It’s something everyone should do.

Monday, May 20th

By request: what happens to your digital life when you leave this world? You may have a will or a trust, but leaving behind all of your digital logins isn’t easy to do. Or is it? The next couple of days I’ll look at how to set up a way to leave your family all of your digital logins, emails, photos, and anything else you’d like them to have when you’re no longer here. Today’s piece is the cool way Google lets you leave them behind.

Friday, May 17th

The app of the day: Cleanup. How much of a disaster is your photos library? If you’re like most people, you have hundreds (thousands?) of photos and videos in your photo library and many of them are of the same thing. How many times do you take a group photo and take multiple shots just to make sure everyone’s eyes are open? What about photos of sunsets? How many of those are taking up room on your phone? This app, Cleanup, scans all of your photos looking for duplicates and finds the best shot so you can delete the rest. And it works on your list of contacts too.

Thursday, May 16th

Privacy 101: public WiFi. Is it ever okay to logon to free public WiFi? It’s everywhere and many of us (myself included) often log on without even wondering if it’s safe. I’m reviewing how public WiFi today is better and safer than it was just 5 years ago and when it’s probably okay, and when and where you should never use it.

Wednesday, May 15th

What are cookies and should you accept them when you’re online? Have you noticed that in the past couple of years we’re being asked to accept a lot of cookies? What are they? What do they do? And should you accept them or reject them? Does it make a difference whether you click yes or no?

Tuesday, May 14th

The one password you MUST change. At least once. Everyone knows the importance of having strong passwords but there’s one password that most people have never ever changed. WiFi routers come with a default username and password that can be found anywhere online. The FBI has issued multiple warnings of how Chinese and Russian hackers infiltrate home WiFi routers. I’m explaining why it’s critical to change it. At least once.

Monday, May 13th

All this week I am looking at some very basics in online privacy. Privacy 101 I’m calling it. Each day I’m looking at things we either believe that aren’t true, or are not aware of the risks. Based on responses from a question on my Facebook page, people want to know about VPNs. What are they, how do they work, and who needs one? Below are the other privacy stories I’ll be doing this week:

  • Tuesday: the 1 password you must change (at least once)
  • Wednesday, What are “cookies” and should you accept them when you’re browsing the web
  • Thursday, the truth about free public WiFi, is it safe or not?
  • Friday will be an app of the day story

Friday, May 10th

The app of the day: Copy Paste Keyboard. This is a sweet little app for anyone who frequently sends long text messages to multiple people. Rather than having to type out the message more than once, you use this app to quickly copy what you’ve written and paste it. It’s like having CTL-C, CTL-V on your phone.

Thursday, May 9th

I’ve rounded up a few more graduation gadget gifts. Teenagers and twenty-something’s love gadgets almost as much as dads do. So they make great gifts for any occasion. I’m looking at some things for their desk or workspace, and a gadget getting a good bit of attention on TikTok and Instagram.

Wednesday, May 8th

Graduation gift ideas. Moms may be a little hard to buy for when it comes to buying tech gadgets as gifts. Not so with teenagers and twenty-somethings. They’ve seen gadgets on TikTok they really want. I’ve rounded up a few ideas that you may have never seen before.

Tuesday, May 7th

School is almost out and that means kids are about to have more time on their hands. A lot of that extra time will be on their smartphones. Many parents use Screen Limits to block access to apps they don’t want their kids to use but many kids have figured out ways to get past them. I’m looking at some of the tricks they use and what parents can do to improve their chances at limiting access.

Monday, May 6th

Moms may not play video games, get excited about robots, or seem interested in high tech electrical gadgets. Yet, these gadgets may be right up their alley. I’ve rounded up a few cool gadgets for moms who love DIY, work from home, or want an easier way to grow flowers and herbs.

Friday, May 3rd

The app of the day: Clapper. If TikTok is eventually banned in the U.S where will users go? It might not be instagram. Clapper looks so much like TikTok it’s hard to tell them apart. I’m looking at Clapper which is the fastest growing social media app in the stores. Is it the best option?

Thursday, May 2nd

Note: This is a timely story and I will be getting this story up and ready to air by 2PM ET for any station wanting to air it on World Password Day (Thursday, May 2nd). I won’t mention the observance in the package but it will be in the anchor intro.

It’s World Password Day. An annual reminder of the importance of having strong unique passwords for all of your accounts. Few people do though. The UK made news this week by banning bad passwords.  I’m going to dispel the notion that a hacker is someone sitting behind a desk just entering passwords hoping to get into someone’s account. I’m breaking down how the scams work and a few options to protect your acccounts.

Wednesday, May 1st

Late to work? Blame Apple. Over the last week people have been reporting that their iPhone alarm isn’t working. iPhone users say they set their morning alarm as usual but when the time arrived, their phone didn’t make a sound. As the reports grew Apple finally responded and admits there’s a bug. I’m looking at this unusual glitch, what might be the reason, and what Apple says it’s doing about it. I’m thinking the piece will be a bit shorter than usual but it’s a good teasable story.

Tuesday, April 30th

starting today about 22 million homes will have to start paying for internet. That’s about one out of every six families. Money has run out for a program launched during the pandemic which made the internet accessible for families that couldn’t afford it. Now the program ends and those families will have to add another $40-$100 to the budget. I’m  looking to see if there are alternatives o help those families.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THIS STORY: There is the possibility that Congress could vote to extend the benefits this week. There’s bipartisan support but it has not made its way to a vote. Yet. I don’t anticipate anything happening today but could happen this week.

Monday, April 29th

Mother’s Day tech gift ideas. Some of the tech gadgets mom still. uses from a Mother’s Day gift 5 or more years ago may need an update. Since advancements happen quickly, some of the tech gadgets she’s been using are outdated. I’m rounding up a few things to make things easier on mom in the kitchen and around the house.

Friday, April 26th

pollen and allergies have just about stolen my voice. I’m going to have to submit an app of the day story from last spring. All Trails is an app for people who love the outdoors and who loves to hike and walk trails by showing a ton of information on thousands of trails. Slope, distance, surface, reviews. I hope a weekend of rest and inside will let my voice recover by Monday. Thanks for understanding.

April 25th

Tech gift ideas for Mother’s Day. It’s getting close and Mom’s are embracing technology. I’m rounding up some of my favorite gadgets that make great Mother’s Day gifts.

Wednesday, April 24th

the TikTok ban. What does it mean for TikTok users and creators? Going to explain some of what a potential ban looks like and what TikTok fans want to know. I’ve got some calls out to legal experts to answer some things that I haven’t seen reported very much.

Tuesday, April 23rd

a very real iPhone scam making the rounds. Multiple reports reveal that iPhone users are receiving messages that appear to come from apple saying they need to reset their Apple ID. It’s convincing and easy for anyone to fall for. I’ll show what this scam looks like and what you should do if the scammer sends it to your phone.

Monday, April 22nd

should you pay for chat GPT? Most people who use Chat GPT use the free version but if you use it a lot, the $20/mo Chat GPT 4 May make more sense? What’s the difference and what does it do? I subscribed so you don’t have to. I’m looking at some of the features and who it might be for.

Friday, April 19th

I’m skipping one single app for an App of the Day to focus on a few apps that can help turn an old phone or tablet into something useful. I hope you don’t think i’m beating the “Earth Day” story to death but I feel it is extremely helpful to find ways to recycle old phones by turning them into something you can use now, just not a phone.

Thursday, April 18th

the best way to keep computers out of landfills is to recycle them  or simply make them last longer. With Earth Day on Monday I want to look at some best practices for keeping your la-top or desktop around longer. And what to do with a computer you just don’t need and help veterans at the same time.

Wednesday, April 17th

Monday is Earth Day and much is always made about recyling plastics and cutting down on emissions. While those are certainly important, so is reducing E-Waste. Do you have old phones and devices? What can you do with them to keep them out of landfills? I’m talking to experts about making devices last longer and what to do with the old devices rather than tossing them in the trash. Thursday I’ll continue this by looking at the best way to keep computers out of landfills and some of the things you may be doing wrong that kills computers before their time.

Tuesday, April 16th

Tax Day is behind us but some tax scams are just getting started. Scammers are turning up the heat to separate taxpayers from their money. Even if you’ve already received your tax return electronically you may still be a target. How do the scams work and what to watch out for.

Monday, April 15th

Shortcuts too good not to share. iPhone users can save a lot of time on things they do frequently by using Apple shortcuts. But these shortcuts are sometimes hard to set up. Playing around with the shortcuts app over the weekend I found three that are both easy and are too good not to know about. I’m showing how to use them and why you should.

Friday, April 12th

The app of the day: Firsties. This app is for new parents and new pet owners to document all of the ‘firsts’. It allows users to save and privately share photos and video with family and friends. And no social media account is required. The app was started by a new mom who didn’t want to post everything to Facebook and Instagram.

Thursday, April 11th

Internet providers nutrition labels. Are companies following the law? This week wireless and cable companies are required to post labels on their websites and in stores about plans and pricing. I did something on this last week at Verizon. Are companies doing this? Where do you find them? And how some companies are following the law but only after gathering your information.

Wednesday, April 10th

Spring cleaning Facebook. There’s a lot going on in your Facebook account and profile. Strange friends and followers, apps with access to your account, too many groups and pages, and other things cluttering up your feed. I’m looking at how to Marie Kondo your Facebook profile. How to do it and why you should.

Tuesday, April 9th

RayBan’s Meta glasses and an epic fail. I’ve been trying the new smart glasses from Meta the past few weeks. How are they different from the other smart glasses on the market? They have a camera! How good is it? I’m reviewing the Meta glasses. Who might want them, for what, and how I tried to capture photos of the eclipse with them. And failed. Big time.

Monday, April 8th

Mother’s Day is a month away but if you want to give mom one of these gifts, you better get started right away and you may need to be sneaky. Old photographs fade and videotapes degrade. She doesn’t want to lose those family treasures. Turning those old family memories into something she can watch and share right now will be the greatest Mother’s Day gift of all time. I’m showing some gadgets that’ll do the job.

Friday, April 5th

The App of the Day: My pollen forecast. This is the season for sniffles. From what I can see from the EPA, every market has some level of pollen that can affect some people’s time outdoors. My Pollen Forecast not only tells you what the pollen count is for the day. It’ll tell you what to expect over the next few days and you can track how you’re feeling to figure out what you’re allergic to.

Thursday, April 4th

Plan your next vacation with AI. Google unveiled new tools to completely plan every step of a vacation or trip. Tell it where you want to go, the dates, and what you’re interested in, and Google’s AI tool will deliver everything you need for the entire trip.

Wednesday, April 3rd

Tech to keep your home safe. If you’ve ever had a water heater burst when you’re not at home, you know it can be more than just a pain. Same with a washing machine or pipe under the sink. I’m looking at a couple of gadgets that can help keep an eye on your home. One is a water leak detector and the other can help protect your home from dangerous Radon gas.

Tuesday, April 2nd

Data leaks at AT&T and Roku should scare the daylights out of you about your passwords. Far too many people are using the same weak password from 1995 on every account they have. Why? Because it’s too hard to do what the experts urge us to do. Unique, and difficult passwords for every account. Well, I have a trick at doing this that I’ll share again. It’s the simplest recipe to solve the password challenge.

Monday, April 1st

The ATT data leak. Over 70 million current and former AT&T customers had their information leaked to scammers. It included SS#s and passcodes and may have included names, email addresses, and more. I’m talking to one of the biggest names in consumer cybersecurity about the leak and what it means not only to those customers, but for all of us. And a heads up. My piece will be more of a follow story with this expert. I won’t go into detail about what was leaked since we may learn of more information that was taken after I finish the story. So it would be a good idea to list what we know was leaked in a full screen leading into my story.

Friday, March 29th

The app of the day: NASA. You don’t have to be a science or space nerd to have fun with this app. It is a wealth of resources and information about all things space. There’s a special section for the upcoming eclipse so even if you’re nowhere near the path of totality, you can watch it live. It’s a great app for kids.

Thursday, March 28th

Planning a summer vacation with Google and AI. Google this week unveiled and released new tools that plans an entire vacation using generative AI. Simply enter where you’re going, when, and any interests and you’ll get an entire itinerary and flight and hotel recommendations. I’ll show how it works and whether it poses any privacy concerns.

Wednesday, March 27th

If you’ve ever shopped for a new wireless plan you know how confusing it is. Carriers seem to make it as difficult as it can be to understand how much you’re paying and the terms of the contract. There’s a new requirement for wireless companies to be more transparent about the plans they offer. I’m taking a look at the new labels you’ll soon see in stores and online so you can make a better decision.

Tuesday, March 26th

There are a couple of options today. I realize not everyone is as excited about next week’s solar eclipse. While it will be visible in every state, many people won’t notice it unless they’re looking for it through special glasses. For stations interested, I’ve put together a piece on how to shoot the eclipse with a smartphone. If you’d like something else, I’ve gone back and found a story from early 2023 about how to hard reset a smartphone if something goes wrong. They’ll both have a 3-26 slug.

Monday, March 25th

I’ll be doing a few stories about the upcoming eclipse. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to view at least a partial eclipse of the sun. What do you need to take photos of it? I’m talking with a professional photographer who, in 2017, invested in telescopes, lenses, cameras, apps, and other tech to capture the perfect shot. What can we learn from him?  Tomorrow, Tuesday, I’ll do a story about whether you can take photos with your smartphone.

Friday, March 22nd

App of the Day: copilot. Intuit is shutting down the Mint money app that people have been using for years to track their spending and stay on budget. As a result, the money app Copilot has seen over 100,000 new users and an influx of 6 million dollars from investors. I’m looking at this app, what it does, and who’s it for?


Thursday, March 21st

Update: I need to do the wireless requirement story on Monday when I can get an interview with someone. So today, I’m looking at some tech ideas to keep the kids busy. Going on a road trip with young children can be unnerving on mom and dad (trust me, I remember). If you don’t want to just toss them a smartphone or tablet for endless scrolling on TikTok, I’ve got some things that mom and dad might prefer.

I‘m efforting a story about the new requirement for wireless companies to be more transparent about the plans they offer. If you’ve ever shopped for a new phone plan you know what I’m talking about. Understanding the pages of information takes a lot of time and customers are often surprised when their rate suddenly spikes. That’s supposed to change early next month. I’m hoping to talk with one of the wireless companies about what it’s going to look like.  I prefer getting someone from one of the carriers in the story. Check back a little later for any possible updates.

Wednesday, March 20th

answering a viewer email: when do I need to replace my computer? It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves. Can I do an update? How long does a computer last? What are some signs that a computer or laptop needs to be replaced rather than fixed? I’m looking at a few things to take into consideration. Can you wait, or does it need to be replaced now?

Tuesday, March 19th

Protecting your tax refund thefts and scams. Millions of people will be looking for a tax refund in the mail. It’s an old-school way of filing taxes and getting refunds. Thiefs know those returns will be in mailboxes over the next several months. What are some things you can do to assure your tax refund makes it to your hands and bank account. And what tactics are these criminals using to grab what isn’t theirs.

Monday, March 18th

Life without TikTok. I found a 20-something young woman who deleted TikTok several months ago. Why? She was spending too much time on it. I’m talking with her about what she learned after deleting the app all of her friends are using almost every minute of the day.

Friday, March 15th

The app of the day: Radio Garden. The best free app for music listeners. If you ever tire of listening to the same music on Spotify, Apple Music, etc, this worldwide radio app may be what you’re looking for. Spin the globe to tune into most any station in the world.

Thursday, March 14th

Can TikTok really be banned and what happens if lawmakers and President Biden order it to be removed from the app stores? As you know the senate takes up the bill to ban the app but people have a lot of questions that haven’t been addressed. I’m explaining some of those answers.

Wednesday, March 13th

Over 15,000 Roku users have had their credentials stolen by hackers and they’re for sale on the Dark Web for just 50-cents each. Hackers have been purchasing those usernames and passwords and possibly running up credit card charges. The hack is known as “credential stuffing’ which can affect every account using the same username and password. I’ll explain and show how to check all of your passwords and email addresses to see if they’ve been stolen.

Tuesday, March 12th

Airbnb sent a report this week to all Airbnb owners: do not use security cameras in the homes you’re renting. That’s all good, but it won’t stop some owners from snooping on the people renting their homes and condos. Besides, just last week an employee of a cruise ship was arrested and charge with recording people with a hidden camera. Today I’m looking at how to search your hotel room, condo, home, or room for hidden cameras. Do the apps work?

Monday, March 11th

Sleep tech. This is Sleep Awareness Week and today I’m looking at some gadgets to help you get a better night’s sleep. There’s a mattress pad that’ll keep one person warm and the other cool. And an adjustable bed like you’ve never seen before. It not only adjusts but has a built-in sound system.

Friday, March 8th

The App of the Day: Better Sleep. Next week is Sleep Awareness Week. It coincides with the change to Daylight Savings Time and Spring Equinox. Most of us don’t get enough sleep or not the right amount of the right kind of sleep. Whether you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, this app is widely considered to be the best sleep app to improve your zzzzzzs. I know some states do not change the clocks and I won’t mention DST in the package so you may want to double-check the anchor intro, tag, and web story.

Thursday, March 7th

A viewer sent me an email yesterday, forwarding another email that terrified her. The email was scary and threatening, claiming someone had managed to hack one of her accounts and demanding payment to prevent extorting her. It was a scam but real enough to make you wonder if it’s true. I’m taking a closer look and a good way to identify a scam.

Wednesday, March 6th

I’ll do the sleep story tomorrow. Apple just released a new version of iOS 17 and it’s got some big new features. I’m looking at what you can do now with an iPhone, including new emojis, and an Apple debit card for when you shop somewhere that doesn’t take Apple Pay.

Tuesday, March 5th

Facebook and many other big networks (Gmail, YouTube, Snapchat, T-Mobile) have gone down this morning. I’m shifting gears and hope to have something on it in time for early shows. I’m talking to a cybersecurity expert to ask the question: “could a ‘Leave This World Behind’ scenario happen in real life?

Monday, March 4th

Spring cleaning your workspace. Got wires behind and under your desk? Monitor, computer, speakers, hard drives, camera, etc can require dozens of wires and chargers. New organizational tools are out to organize that workspace. I’m looking at some of the things I’ve gathered and which ones make a difference.

Friday, March 1st

The app of the day Goblin Tools. I did something with this app a year ago when it first came out and needed to feature it again in a different way. This is a huge help for families with children or young adults on the autism spectrum or ADHD. It’s really for anyone who needs help breaking down tasks into small steps.

Thursday, February 29th

I’ve gotten the same question from viewers a dozen times already this year. ‘How can I get my Facebook stuff back after a hacker stole the account and changed my password?” I have to deliver the bad news: it’s impossible. But there’s something you can do ahead of time to save everything you’ve ever posted.

Wednesday, February 28th

A look at a very realistic Instagram app using AI and a couple of big time country music stars to trick people into buying weight loss gummies. What I discovered after chasing the ad down to the owner of the website.

Tuesday, February 27th

Why are hundreds of thousands of people watching a city council meeting on YouTube? It isn’t because of politics, or bloopers, or something important. They’re watching boring meetings to keep their family from bothering them. I’m looking at this clever solution to stop interruptions while working from home.

Monday, February 26th

You get a whole extra day in the year this week. Leap day is Thursday and it’s an excellent time to do something “extra”. If you think you don’t have time to take care of some phone maintenance, you have no excuse not getting these things done on an extra day of the year.

Friday, February 23rd

The App of the Day: Planta. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a green thumb, you may still need some help with plants. Houseplants or those in the yard. Planta helps answer the questions “is it a plant or a weed?”, “what do the brown leaves mean?”, and “when should I feed and water it?”. I don’t know about you, but an app to help will help me keep a plant alive and well.

Thursday, February 22nd

11:47 AM Update: Here’s more on the angle I’m taking since the outage doesn’t affect all of the markets. At some point you will lose cellular service due to your provider. What is SOS on your phone screen? What can and can’t you do in when your phone has no service? What setting should you change to be able to use your phone to make calls?

9:04 AM Update:  AT&T says it’s a “planned maintenance” event and it’s working on restoring service. We’ll see if reports pick up steam as people on the west coast wake up. I’ve decided to do something on concerns about calling 9-1-1 if your cell service is down. Can you still call 9-1-1? Is there anything you should do if you run into some trouble? It’ll be a short piece. The story could change slightly dependant upon what happens over the next several hours.

I am aware of the AT&T outage and I’m stumped right now of how I can cover it. I hesitate to cover the outage itself because an answer from AT&T may come long after I finish the story and before you air  my piece. Some stations use “What the Tech?” a day behind. I will be talking to AT&T for an answer and I’ll post what I find out in this space. I’ll also update this pitch page as soon as I figure out an angle for my story.

Wednesday, February 21st

Why it’s better to call 9-1-1 from the phone of the person who needs help. If any of us see someone who needs emergency help (medical issue, accident, fall, etc) our first inclination is to call 9-1-1. It’s better if you find their phone and call from it. I’m explaining why this is the best practice and why setting up your emergency contacts is so important.

Tuesday, February 20th

One thing all iPhone users need to do that may help them find their phone if someone steals it. Did you know someone can turn off the ability to use “Find My” in only 2 seconds? Even if the phone is locked? Say someone grabs your phone when you’re not looking at a coffee shop. Before you have a chance to use “Find My” to locate it, they’ve made it impossible. And they don’t even need your passcode to do it. I’m looking at one thing all iPhone users need to check and maybe change in their settings.

Monday, February 19th

The Department of Justice just reported that Russian cybercriminals are compromising internet routers of people and businesses in the United States. Just last month the DOJ locked down those routers and changed the passwords to stop the Russian attack. That’s further proof that foreign cyber crooks are trying to infiltrate our online infrastructure. I’m looking at how these attacks happen and what you can (and should do) to protect your home.

Friday, February 16th

The App of the Day: Goodnotes. I’m always looking for a better way to do what I do every day. Taking, saving, and organizing notes is one of those things many of us do on a daily basis. I’ve been trying out Goodnotes 6. Could it replace some of the expensive apps we use? Is it better than Apple Notes and Google Keep?

Thursday, February 15th

Taxes and tech. lots of people are working on their taxes (two months from the deadline). Have you ever worked on getting everything together and wishing you’d done a better job of keeping records? A few tech tools can make it possible for tax season to be much easier. I’m looking at a few things (some free) to get started on next year’s taxes.

Wednesday, February 14th

Ash Wednesday begins the Holy season for millions of Chrstians and  many of the peope observing Lent and Easter will be using apps on their phones. I’m taking a look at how church folks are using devices to find meaning during the Liturgical season. Two apps with hundreds of millions of downloads. Who’s behind them and what they do.

Tuesday, February 13th

What Amazon Prime members should know about the changes to Prime Video. If you’ve watched something on Prime lately you’ve noticed the commercials. Amazon announced that from now on, if you want to watch movies and shows commercial-free, you’ll need to pay extra. But there’s more to it than that. And someone’s already filed a class action lawsuit to get rid of them.

Monday, February 12th

Valentines Day scams. Romance scams are some of the worst, and most successful scams out there. Love, or the promise of love, makes people do crazy and even stupid things. I’m taking a look at how these scams work and why they’re so successful.

Friday, February 9th

The app of the day: VOCABULARY. a neat app for life-long learners, business people, creators, and anyone else who would like to improve their vocabulary. And who wouldn’t like to learn a new word every day?

Thursday, February 8th

One more story about teens and pre-teens online. What can parents do to keep their children safe from online sex predators and scammers? It’s not easy when the kid is in their bedroom with a computer or device. Meta is taking steps to prevent suspicious adults from contacting (or even seeing) profiles of young people on Instagram. I’ll explain how this works and what an expert says is the most important thing for parents to do in the event their child gets caught in a trap.

Wednesday, February 7th

On the heels of the FBI issuing a warning about “sextortion” on social media, Meta announced a new tool called “Take It Down”. The tool was developed to help teenagers as well as adults, prevent nude photos from being shared publicly online without permission. It also includes steps to make it more difficult for “suspicious adults” to interact with teenagers and younger children on Instagram. I’m explaining how this works and what every parent should know to set it up.

Tuesday, February 6th

The FBI reports a 20% increase in sextortion incidents involving children. It’s a dangerous scam that often victimizes young boys who think they are chatting with a young girl who’s asking for explicit pictures. I’m explaining how this scam works and some signs your child might be a target.

Monday, February 5th

Tomorrow is “World Safer Internet Day”. As the name suggests it is a day to bring awareness to the importance of being safe (I call it careful) on the internet. Lots of people worry about things they shouldn’t worry about when it comes to the online world. I’m looking at the three most important things to keep from being a victim.

Friday, February 2nd

The App of the Day: Feedly. Standing in line waiting for something? Got a few minutes to kill? Don’t doom-scroll social media but make the most of that time by reading things you’re interested in. Feedly is an RSS feed reader. I can’t believe more people don’t know about this app or what it does. I probably use it a dozen times a day. It aggregates stories and news from across the internet that you are interested in.

Thursday, February 1st

How to really see your friends on Facebook. Yesterday I looked at the scam that proposes you can see more of your Facebook friends by copying and pasting a post. Today I want to look at a hack that really works. It’s also why you might see posts that make you angry.

Wednesday, January 31st

“copy and paste this in Facebook to remove ads”. It’s the scam that won’t die. Every week you see someone posting this adding “yesssss it works”. Does it though? And how does this scam work? I’m explaining what scammers hope to achieve with these posts and why you should never post it.

Tuesday, January 30th

an update on Apple Savings accounts. If you’ve got one you’re going to be logging in today or tomorrow to see out how much interest you earned this month. Apple just announced a big update where it raised the interest rate to 4.5%. I’m looking at what this means and the one thing every Apple Savings account owner needs to do right away.

Monday, January 29th

Farming from thousands of miles away. John Deere’s autonomous tractor and tiller was on display in a big way at CES. They were driving a tractor on a farm in Texas using a smartphone app. The tractors are fully autononmous, can avoid obstacles, drive for hours, and even drive themselves back to refuel. Why? I’m getting a demo and asking for a reason a farmer would pay $500,000 for a tractor that drives itself.

Friday, January 26th

The App of the Day: Portal. Most productivity apps that claim to help us relax or focus are the same. White noise or music or sound effects with someone speaking slowly and instructing us to breathe. Portal is different in a big way. It’s audio and visuals. This is a new app I discovered last night that’s more immersive than any other meditation or focus app I’ve seen.

Thursday, January 25th

You didn’t know your smartphone can do this! You know those tags in nice clothes that tell you how to wash them? Those tags with weird symbols and foreign words? Your iPhone can translate it. I’ll show you how it works. It’s pretty cool.

Wednesday, January 24th

Grab your iPhone there’s an update you should install. Apple just released an update to iOS 17 and there’s a good reason why you should install it. The new update includes anti-theft protection that makes it more difficult for someone to unlock your phone even if they have your passcode. I’m explaining and will take you through the steps to have it installed and activated.

Tuesday, January 23rd

Facebook “Look who died” scam. A dangerous phishiing scam is spreading again on Facebook. One of your friends either posts or sends a message saying someone you know has died and asks you to click a link to see a news story. It’s been around for about a year and seems to be making the rounds again. I click on it to show you what happens and how to avoid it.

Monday, January 22nd

Would you pay for Alexa? Multiple reports (along with some hints from Amazon) suggest you’ll soon have to pay for Alexa to work. Amazon is said to be losing billions of dollars a year on the smart assistants and the only way to make them profitable is to charge a monthly subscription. I’m looking at what this means for the millions of people who have Echo devices in their homes.

Friday, January 19th

The App of the Day: Libby. A viewer emailed the other day asking about the Libby app. When I looked at the files I discovered the last time i did something on it was 3 years ago. It really is one of the best apps for smartphones and tablets and the best app for people who like to read. Libby lets you check out books from your local library to read them on your devices.

Thursday, January 18th

A TV with no wires. No matter which TV you own and no matter where you put it, wires make it impossible to keep it looking nice. I’ve found a totally wireless TV that works off batteries and will stick to the wall. It’ll also pause what you’re watching automatically when you leave the room. It’s unlike any TV you’ve ever seen before.

Wednesday, January 17th

How much time do you waste with robocalls? A new report out this week says we wasted 227 million hours answering robocalls last year. I’ll be you know someone who always answers the phone, even when it says “spam”. Friends don’t let friends answer robocalls. Here’s what they (and maybe you) should know.

ALSO: Some of you are dealing with frigid temps and snow (there’s nearly 8″ on the ground here). If you’re interested, I’m putting a story about smartphones and cold temps in the folders. I don’t have time to re-fresh it but it’s still relevant and true. It is from 2021 if anyone wants it. It’ll have today’s date as the slug.

Tuesday, January 16th

The most unforgettable things I saw at CES. Everyone asks “what’s the coolest thing you saw at CES?” Well, this is a roundup of some of the things I saw that either makes you think “wow”, or “seriously?” Products you can’t imagine anyone would ever want or need.

Monday, January 15th

I’ll be doing a few CES stories this week. I shot so many products that never aired anywhere. This story is about inventors and entrepreneurs who come to CES, not necessarily to sell their products to you, but to sell their technology to larger companies and to find investors. A couple of cool products for sure.

Friday, January 12th

CES Day five: the coolest thing I saw all week at CES. TVs have been the stars of CES from the very beginning. It’s where the world first saw OLED, 4K, and 8K TVs but this takes the cake. It solves a problem faced by every homeowner. The problem of where to put the TV. This new LG TV is a solution. It’s transparent. You have to see it to believe it.

Thursday, January 11th

Day four of CES and I’m looking at emergency preparedness devices. The one thing that affects every single person in our viewing areas is preparing for an emergency. Storms, earthquakes, fires, and other disasters can cut the power for hours or even days. Emergency and portable power backups is a big thing this year at CES. I’m looking at several new tech devices that can keep you and your family safe.

Wednesday, January 10th

CES inventions to help people with disabilities. I’m looking at a few incredibly useful inventions to help people with disabilities. A pair of glasses to help blind people see, a device to help people control computers with their mouths, and a glove to help people with Parkinson’s disease or brain damage keep their arms and hands from trembling.

Tuesday, January 9th

The CES exhibit floor officially opens today. We finally have a flying car. After years of broken promises a company has actually built a one-person plane or car and has even gotten it up in the air. I’m taking a look and talking to someone who’s flown it. You don’t need a pilot’s license to own or fly it.

Monday, January 8th

CES Day 1. Everything gets underway today but it’s mostly keynote speakers. I’m going to look at what everyone is talking about this year and why this year’s tech may be the most revolutionary in history.

Friday, January 5th

The App of the Day, Notion. Lots of people are looking for a new note-taking, saving, and sharing app. The most popular one for the last decade, Evernote, has raised prices and cut features. I’m looking at Notion to find out if it’s a good alternative.

Thursday, January 4th

CES is where thousands of companies unveil new technology, inventions, and gadgets. For every one successful product there are probably a thousand stinkers. I’m taking a look at some of the biggest CES failures I’ve seen in the last decade and a couple that wound up costing people thousands of dollars.

Wednesday, January 3rd

How much do cord cutters save? Really? A story posted online last week that a lot of people have seen claims cutting the cable cord costs over $120 a month and that cord cutters aren’t saving that much money. What’s the truth? How much does cutting the cord actually save? I’m breaking down the cost and the savings.

Tuesday, January 2nd

The rising cost of streaming. 30% of households plan to cancel cable and switch to streaming to save money. The gap though is closing. Amazon is the latest streaming service to announce it will be more expensive to watch Prime Video unless you agree to watch commercials. I’m looking at how much streaming prices have changed in the last year and what to expect in 2024.

Monday, January 1st

Happy New Year! How to quit bad habits with smartphone apps. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking, drinking, social media, or porn, there are smartphone apps that can help you. I’m looking at which apps you might want to download if you’re serious about quitting bad habits.

Friday, December 29th

Wrapping up a look at my top 3 apps of the year. This one is also one of Apple’s App of the year candidates. All Trails gives detailed information about trails where people hike and bike. Crowd-sourced information that can be vital or at least informative to hikers and bikers. How steep is the trail? Is it paved? Does it loop back to the parking lot? And what do other hikers suggest? Tens of millions of people already use it to log their miles.

Thursday, December 28th

Continuing a look at the best apps I reviewed in 2023. The App of the Year is Free Your Music. If you stream Spotify, Apple Music, or Prime you probably feel you’re stuck with it. Switching services means you’ll lose playlists and favorites you’ve built over the years. Free Your Music is a smartphone app that makes it easy to copy all of your music from one service and transfers them to another. A great solution if you ever want to switch for a better deal.

Wednesday, December 27th

App of the Year: recipe keeper. I heard from several producers asking about this app. It allows you to save any recipe from online, cookbooks, notecards, Pinterest, etc, in one place. It may be the only recipe app you ever need.

Tuesday, December 26th

For the next few days I’m looking at three of the best apps we discovered this year. Today’s App of the Year is Chat GPT. This time last year few people had even heard of Chat GPT. Today, almost everyone uses it.

Monday, December 25th

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you’re all having a happy holiday. I have a story for you today. Putting Christmas away. Before tossing all of your Christmas decorations in multiple plastic bins, do something simple to make decorating next year a lot easier. QR code stickers make organizing holiday decorations easy.

Friday, December 22nd

The App of the Day: Apple Journal. Just in time for the new year, Apple’s Journal app is here for iPhone users and will help you remember every moment of 2024. If you like looking back on Facebook Memories, you’ll probably like this one.

Thursday, December 21st

Mom always said don’t open presents before Christmas morning but some presents really should be opened a few days early to avoid disappointment. When someone receives a new phone, gaming system, or another tech gadget they might need to spend hours getting it set up. I’m looking at why activating new devices takes so long on Christmas Day and a few things you should consider doing ahead of time.

Wednesday, December 20th

Last second gifts. Getting this close to Christmas some people are scrambling for last minute gifts. These are for those moments when you’ve either totally forgotten to get someone something or they surprise you with a gift and you have nothing in return. Gifts you can sneak off to another room and order.

Tuesday, December 19th

Stocking stuffers. The Christmas stocking often gets overlooked on Christmas morning. If all you’re putting in there are candy, gift cards, and a piece of fruit you might want to up your stocking game. I’ve rounded up a few tech gadgets that are not only small enough to fit in a stocking, but they just might be one of their favorite gifts.

Monday, December 18th

Looking at a few more gadget gift ideas. These are for people on your list who are fitness or health conscious. And for anyone who resolves every December to get in shape in the coming year.

Friday, December 15th

The App of the Day: Reelgood. If you’re looking for a Christmas movie to help get more into the holiday spirit, there are hundreds of them streaming. How do you find them? Reelgood searches only through the services you have to show you the best (or worst) Christmas movies you can watch right now.

Thursday, December 14th

Tuesday, December 12th

Malicious QR Codes. The FTC issued a warning about cyber criminals using QR codes in public places to scam people out of their money or information and even taking control of their mobile devices. I’m looking at how they’re doing it and what you should know.

Monday, December 11th

Dad gifts. The postal service recommends ordering or shipping packages by Wednesday to ensure it is delivered in time for Christmas. So I’m looking at a few tech gadgets for dad that you’ll want to order very soon. You won’t find these in stores. I’m looking at a gadget for the car that keeps him up to date on what’s going on with his vehicle AND allows him to earn crypto-currency just by using it.

Friday, December 8th

Note: I am not feeling well. Whatever is going around has gotten me. I’m unable to provide a fresh story today. But…

It is “App of the Day” Friday and if you’ve got to have a WTT? Package and you don’t mind running a story that aired earlier this year. I’ll upload a pkg and script for an App of the Day from March. It’s “CoinSnap”, an app that can tell you how much your old coins are worth.

Thursday, December 7th

Just really cool gift ideas. I’m rounding up some tech gadgets that are just really cool. Most are good for people of all ages. Neat gadgets that some people will ask “what the tech is that thing?”

Wednesday, December 6th

A great gift for people who love to cook. Searches for Sous Vide devices are trending this Christmas. What is it and what gadgets are required? I’m looking at a couple of options. This is one of my favorite tech kitchen gadgets of the past 5 years.

Tuesday, December 5th

Monday December 4th

Friday, December 1st

Thursday, November 30th

Gift ideas for travelers. If you’ve got someone on your gift list who travels a lot for work or leisure, there are many tech gadgets that would make great gifts for them. I’m rounding up some gadgets you might want to think about.

Wednesday, November 29th

Gift ideas for her. Moms and grandmas are sometimes hard to shop for and maybe you don’t even think about giving them a tech gadget. I’m rounding up some of my favorite tech gadgets of the year that might make a great gift for people who don’t even like tech gadgets.

Tuesday, November 28th

Everybody’s talking about a scary feature in iOS 17. Law enforcement in several cities and counties are warning (scaring) people to turn off Name Drop, or Air Drop because it could allow someone stealing your personal information by just putting their phone close to yours. Is there anything to it?

Monday, November 27th

Protecting packages from porch pirates. Over $10 billion in merchandise is on delivery trucks right now, on its way to homes across the country. A new report shows over 44% of Americans have had at least one package stolen in the last year. The bad guys are out and looking. I’m taking a look at a few things you should know about how these guys work, how to protect your items from being stolen, and a change by Amazon that may put your items at risk.

Friday, November 24th

The App of the Day: Giftlist. Do you need some help coming up with gift ideas? Let Chat GPT and this app. Actually, Giftlist isn’t an app but you can make it one. I’m taking a look at how it works and why you could turn all of your shopping over to GiftList.

Thursday, November 23rd

Happy Thanksgiving. This is the weekend a lot of people begin decorating for Christmas and putting up Christmas trees. I’m looking at a gadget to help fix bad Christmas tree lights. Many times, one bad bulb in a strand of lights will keep other bulbs from lighting up. This gadget is supposed to identify the one bad bulb so you can get all of the lights turning on when you plugged them in.

Wednesday, November 22nd

Safe shopping on a smartphone. Most everyone feels fine about shopping on a phone when they’re out. But there are several things to keep in mind to keep hackers from peeking and stealing credit card information and more. I’m looking at several things to keep in mind before hopping on WiFi and placing an order on your phone.

Tuesday, November 21st

Gadgets made famous on TikTok. People get gift ideas from TikTok all the time. From mops to makeup to lights to weird gadgets. I’m looking at two tech gadgets made famous on TikTok that make really good Christmas presents. A ring that scrolls TikTok and Kindle books and a camera gadget that gives people an extra camera guy to shoot video.

Monday, November 20th

Low-tech gift ideas. I talk about high tech all the time but someone on your gift list may not want more gadgets that require apps. I’ve rounded up a few under $20 low-tech gift ideas for someone you have on your gift list.

Friday, November 17th

The App of the Day: Recipe Keeper. There are hundreds of recipes apps in the app stores. This app is more similar to creating your own cookbook. When you run across a recipe you want to keep in Pinterest, other apps, websites, and old cookbooks you have collected, just tap the app. This may be the last Thanksgiving you use an actual cook book.

Thursday, November 16th

Gift ideas for a home theater. Whether you already have a TV room setup or just getting started, there are a few things that can make the experience more like a theater experience. I’m looking at a few gadgets that make great gifts for movie and sports fans.

Wednesday, November 15th

If you shop at Amazon and you have someone in the house who can’t wait to find out what they’re getting for Christmas, Alexa can spoil the surprise. All they have to do is ask Alexa “tell me my orders”, and the device will tell them everything you’ve ordered in the last 30 days. That happens unless you make a change. I’m looking at a couple of Alexa and Amazon settings to keep Christmas morning gifting a surprise.

Tuesday, November 14th

Tech gadget gifts for people who are ALWAYS on a computer. That should be everyone on your list I guess. I’ve rounded up a few things to make browsing, writing, editing, shopping, etc much better. From blue light blocking glasses to a cheap white board you’ll actually use.

Monday, November 13th

Saving money shopping online. Holiday sales have begun. Should you buy now or wait until Black Friday? Or Cyber Monday? Is there any way of knowing whether something will be at a bigger discount on another day? Maybe not but there are ways to get a really good idea. I’m looking at a couple of online tools to help you find the best prices.

Friday, November 10th

The App of the Day: Lapse. This app surged to the top of the App Store charts. It’s another photo app with some nostalgia. You get a roll of film (36 shots per day) and you must wait until the photos “develop” before you can see or share them. Plus the photos look like they were taken back when film cameras were all we had.

Thursday, November 9th

The easiest and quickest way to share your contact information with someone else. There’s a faster way to share contact information than asking for someone’s number and calling or texting them. Yet, it seems no one uses it because it isn’t one of those things many people know about. I’m looking at a few options to share contact information with someone you meet.

Wednesday, November 8th

How do you know what tech is going to be hot this year? You look at Google searches. Black Friday is a few weeks away but for some gadgets you may not want to risk waiting too long. I’m looking at what Google says are the hot items of the season.

Tuesday, November 7th

A wild way scammers are stealing money from regular people. Multiple reports now warn scammers are tricking people to call fake customer service numbers. They’re reportedly doing this through Siri and Alexa. Wild. I’m taking a look at what FBI agents say is happening and how to avoid it.

Monday, November 6th

Everyone is doing Zoom meetings still. And most of them look terrible. A few things can zip up your Zoom video meetings. I’m looking at a few things to improve video meetings that would make great Christmas gifts.

Friday, November 3rd

The App of the Day: Blackmagic Cam. How good is the camera on an iPhone? We found out this week when Apple released a keynote introducing a new line of the MacBook. The entire thing was shot on an iPhone and it was incredible. The Apple team didn’t use the native camera but instead used a very professional camera app called Blackmagic Cam. What does it do? It basically turns the iPhone camera into a professional movie camera. And… it’s free.

Thursday, November 2nd

What happens to your Google information when you die? Google has a lot of your information stored and shared. If something happens to you, all of that information is still available but not to your family members. Google has a feature not many people know about that will share information with your family such as photos, passwords, etc after you pass away and the way Google determines you’re dead is pretty clever. I’m explaining and will walk you through the setup.

Wednesday, November 1st

The scary season is over and folks turn their attention to the holidays and shopping for Christmas. Today I’m looking at a few ways to earn enough to pay off credit card bills in January. How much can you make from online surveys? What are other ways people make extra money with online services and how to get started yourself.

Tuesday, October 31st

One of the most important things you can do for your family. If you have an iPhone. I’ve looked at Apple’s Legacy contacts before but it’s worth doing again. What happens to everything on your iPhone and Apple account if something happens to you? Even if you’ve given a family member your Apple username, password, and passcode, they won’t be able to access your iCloud data. All of your photos and data will not be left behind. Unless you take a few steps ahead of time to set up Apple Legacy Contacts. I’m showing how to set it up and why it’s important.

Monday, October 30th

RIP the house phone. AT&T lost early a half million home phone customers in the past three months. Most of us probably dropped it years ago. It may not be much longer before the wired phone most of us grew up with, is no longer in use. House phones have benefits that cellphones do not. I’m looking at how to replace the wired house phone features with features and a gadget for our smartphones.

Friday, October 27th

The App of the Day Alfred. I’ve briefly mentioned this app in another story a while back but it’s a very good way to use an old smartphone. It turns most any smartphone into a live web camera for an extra security camera when you leave the house or for a baby’s room.

Thursday, October 26th

Can you believe we’re 1 month away from Black Friday? Christmas spending is expected to be higher this year and for many of us, this is a good time to start looking for a way to earn a little extra money for the holidays. Why not rent out a closet, a parking space, or attic? Some people are making hundreds of dollars a month doing that. No kidding. I’m looking at a few apps that let you rent out whatever you have.

Wednesday, October 25th

Protecting kids from social media. Meta is being sued by 41 states claiming its practices leads kids to be addicted to Facebook and Instagram. Is there anything parents can do to protect their kids from getting hooked on social media? Settings? Time limits? What works and what doesn’t?

Tuesday, October 24th

Passkeys and how to use them? I spent most all day Monday setting up passkeys that are supposed to make logging into your accounts easier and eliminate the need for passwords. Is it as easy as these companies claim? I’ll walk you through setting them up.

Monday, October 23rd

Passkeys. What are they and how do I set them up? If you’ve tried logging into YouTube, Google, or another website you may have been prompted to sign in using a passkey instead of a password. Google rolled it out earlier this year and most people have seen the prompt by now. It’s safer than using passwords. But what are they and how do they work? This may be a two-parter for Monday and Tuesday to show how you can use them.

Friday, October 20th

The app of the day Hooked. This is a very clever app that tells very creepy stories. Hooked is an app that looks reads like a book but is delivered through text messages. Choose a story and throughout the day you’ll receive text messages that tell the story. It sounds like it might be annoying but it’s very well done and the stories are pretty scary as you feel like you’re part of the story.

Thursday, October 19th

Keeping kids safe on Halloween. Do you know your neighbors? Many kids will be going door to door in a couple of weeks Trick-or-Treating and they could knock on the wrong door. I’m looking at a couple of apps that shows houses where convicted sex offenders live.

Wednesday, October 18th

(This story ran 3/3/22 but is still relevant)

Scam victims aren’t always baby boomers and senior citizens. In fact, young people are scammed more often than older people. They don’t lose as much money (because they don’t have as much money). I’m looking at scams kids and young adults fall for.

Tuesday, October 17th

Is this the end of the DVD? Best Buy confirms it will stop selling DVDs in their stores after the holidays. Netflix shut down its DVD at home subscriptions earlier this year. Seems DVDs and DVD players are about to be obsolete. Should they be? It’s true everyone streams movies these days but for movie lovers and those with home theaters, DVDs are superior. I’m looking at DVDs vs Streaming to find the best choice.

Monday, October 16th

What would you do if YOU saw Bigfoot? ICYMI, a couple on a train through Colorado shot what they thought and think was the creature. Of course when people saw it, they scrambled to open their phone’s camera. I’m looking at a shortcut to quickly begin recording video even if your phone is locked.

Friday, October 13th

The app of the day: JustWatch. I’m surprised more people don’t know about this app to help find movies on streaming services you have. I’m tying it into finding horror movies for Halloween. If you’re unfamiliar with JustWatch, you select any streaming services you have and search for what’s playing on all of them. It makes it much easier to find something to watch rather than flipping through all of the services you subscribe to. And it finds free movies too.

Thursday, October 12th

It’s coming up on Halloween and if you want to hear something creepy, if not scary, let’s talk about your router. October is cybersecurity awareness month and one of the scariest things about protecting your privacy is hiding “ in your router. Unless you take a couple of steps, someone could be watching you on your home security cameras. I’m explaining and showing what can happen if you just plug up a router without changing the password.

Wednesday, October 11th

Two things you can count on during Prime Day: Good deals on Alexa and smishing texts. The Postal Service is warning of a rise in smishing attempts. You’re bound to get at least one. Scammers send out millions of them because it works. What is smishing and what should you do?

Tuesday, October 10th

Note: please see the note at the top of this page.

Sorry for the late post. I’ve been working to find an interview about the 23andMe data leak and just found one. The DNA company acknowledges there was a leak of usernames and passwords recently. There are reports that not only credentials were stolen, but the DNA, photos, names, and everything uploaded to 23andMe are for sale on the Dark Web. I’m interviewing a cyber security expert about what this means, who’s at risk, and what users need to do now.

Monday, October 9th

How to find the perfect horror movie on Netflix. Everyone likes an off-menu item. Like that drink at Starbucks that’s not on the menu but everyone TikTok is talking about? The same is true for Netflix. Its menu may show some of the more popular scary Halloween movies but wouldn’t it be better to see ALL THE SCARY MOVIES that’s on Netflix? I’ve got secret codes that’ll show you everything playing on Netflix.

Friday, October 6th

The app of the day. Kitchen Pal. have you ever returned from the grocery store and discover you just bought what you already have in the pantry? So now you have two things of bread crumbs and 4 cans of cream of mushroom soup. Kitchen Pal is a digital inventory and recipe app that can save pantry space and money.

Thursday, October 5th

You see it dozens of times every day. Maybe over a hundred times actually. You may notice it and if you do, you probably don’t know what it means. I’m talking about the tiny arrow at the top of your smartphone screen. What the heck is that? I’m explaining why you might want to start paying attention to the location services arrow.

Wednesday, October 4th

Gmail is about to get a lot cleaner. Email is an essential part of our lives but miss checking it just one day, and it’s filled with hundreds of spam emails. Google has announced it will make it harder for mass spammers and email senders to send them to Gmail addresses. It’ll also be easier to unsubscribe. I’m looking at how these changes will save you time.

Tuesday, October 3rd

Passwords are the bane of being online. You can’t risk using weak passwords but you can’t remember difficult ones. I’m looking at the difference between short passwords and long ones. And an easy way to remember different passwords to different accounts that hackers will never guess.

Monday, October 2nd

Facebook killed a helpful security feature that allowed friends to help regain your Facebook account even if you forgot your password and no longer had access to an email account or phone number. What can you do now? As I learned over the weekend while helping my mom get back into her account: not much.

Friday, September 29th

The App of the Day: SAMSUNG Food. There are lots of cooking and recipe apps but this one is fairly unique and may be what you’re looking for. Instead of just a bunch of recipes, SAMSUNG Food lets you clip recipes from anywhere (Pinterest, blogs, TikTok, etc) and put them in one personal cookbook.

Thursday, September 28th

Don’t spend too much on a smartphone. This is a popular time for people to upgrade their phones. You may be tempted to pay more for phone storage you don’t need. Should you get the 128 GB version? Do you need 512? Or is 1 TB what you want? I’ll look at some of the factors to help you decide.

Wednesday, September 27th

What you need to know ahead of the national emergency broadcast test next week. Everyone’s phone will ding and receive an emergency warning next Wednesday, October 4th. It’s a FEMA test that will interrupt TV programming but everyone will get an alert on their phones. There are some conspiracy theories spreading out there. What’s the truth? Why and what can you expect?

Tuesday, September 26th

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide among young people is a record levels so there is a push to help teenagers and pre-teens who are having trouble. There are suicide prevention phone lines but kids hate talking on the phone. They do text though. I’m looking at the Crisis Text Line, a free number kids can text to chat with a professional.

Monday, September 25th

Amazon Prime and the state of streaming. Amazon just announced it is adding commercials to movies and TV shows. Disney+ did that a few weeks ago along with Hulu and Netflix. People already pay for $140 a year for Amazon and one of the perks has been commercial-free video. I’m taking a look at the state of streaming, another option, and why you can no longer avoid commercials.

Friday, September 22nd

The App of the Day, Free Your Music. Most everyone listens to music through Spotify, Amazon, Apple, or YouTube. Have you ever thought of switching from one to another? The thing that holds people back from doing this is they’ve built solid playlists and favorites over the years. There’s an app for that. Free Your Music will copy playlists and favorites from one service and add them to another. I’m looking at how it works and if it’s safe.

Thursday, September 21st

Alexa just got smarter. Amazon announced a bunch of new upgrades to these smart assistants that are about as common in homes as area rugs. She’ll soon talk more like a human (among other things). I’m looking at what Amazon announced and why it’s trying to make Alexa more like a member of the family.

Wednesday, September 20th

How are students using ChatGPT? Is it just for research or are they really using it to cheat? After nearly a year, the results are in. They’re using it to cheat. What are teachers supposed to do? Is there a way to detect work done by ChatGPT? Yes there is for the most part. By checking the work with ChatGPT. I’ll explain how and look at the results of the study.

Tuesday, September 19th

Selling a smartphone. Plenty of people are looking to upgrade their smartphone this time of year. New devices coming out from Apple, Samsung, and Pixel are tempting. What are the best options of upgrading? Should you trade-in a device or sell it?

Monday, September 18th

IOS 17 is released today to the public. It includes many new features that Apple (and I) talks about, but there’s something else that even Android fans will appreciate. New ringtones. For the first time in a decade, Apple is introducing 2 dozen new ringtones. And it may be the best thing in iOS 17 that no one is talking about.

Friday, September 15th

The App of the Day: Be Fake. BeReal was (still is) one of the more popular apps of the last year. That’s the app that sends a notification to all users at the same time asking them to take a photo. The complaint from BeReal users is that it never happens when you’re doing something fun. Be Fake, takes care of that by making sure all of your photos show you doing some amazing things. BeFake, uses artificial intelligence to make your life more exciting.

Thursday, September 14th

What you should know before cutting the cable cord. Millions of cable subscribers are missing some of their favorite channels and are looking for alternatives. I’ve talked to several and have received questions from viewers about switching to YouTubeTV, Hulu, and Furbo TV. What you should know before cutting the cord? Why cutting the cord may not be for you.

Wednesday, September 13th

Facebook privacy settings you should change today. We all know that Facebook is a scammers best friend. They not only can get loads of information from and about you, but unless you change a couple of settings they can go after your friends. I’m looking at a few privacy settings you should change or hide as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 12th

Apple announcements. Today at noon PT, Apple will unveil a new iPhone and Apple Watch. Will they be worth the upgrade or should you wait? I’m following the event and will report on everything you need to know about the iPhone 15. Note, the event is late in the afternoon ET but I will have it ready at the usual time. I’ll also watch the wording closely if you plan to run it a day behind. But it’ll be ready by 5P ET.

Monday, September 11th

The Hollywood writer’s strike goes on and a big winner is…. Gilligan? Free TV services and classic sitcoms are enjoying a surge in popularity. Tubi, Pluto, Roku, and Freevee report their highest number of viewers since the strike began. So what classic shows can you see? I’m taking a look at how these services work andwhich one has the best choices.

Friday, September 8th

The app of the day: Grammarly. Sure, Apple and Google say their spell-check is improved and getting better every day. Yeah. Right. It’s pretty frustrating. If you correct auto-correct more than auto-correct corrects you, this app can help.

Thursday, September 7th

How fast should your internet be? Prices range from $30 or so to $100 a month for internet. That’s a big difference. Forget the TV commercials that ask “are you paying too much”, the question should be “are you paying for too much?” Does your family need more than 100 Mbs? I’m taking a look at what you need to consider before upgrading.

Wednesday, September 6th

More cool things in iOS 17. It should be ready for public release on Tuesday following Apple’s unveiling of a new iPhone and Apple Watch. I’m looking at a few more mind-blowing features. Some surprising things you’ll soon be able to do on your phone.

Tuesday, September 5th

Cool things in iOS 17 . We’re a week away from the release of the new iOS 17. What does it do? I’ve been trying out the new operating system and there are some small cool features that might make your life easier. This week, unless something happens in the tech world, I’m going to look at the hidden features in iOS 17 and why you may want to download the update when it’s released September 12th.

Monday, September 4th

A simple trick to save on shipping. Amazon is raising the minimum for purchases to get free shipping. It was just $25 for non-Prime members, now if those shoppers want free shipping they’ll need to spend $35. But there’s a simple trick to get free shipping even if you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership.

Friday, September 1st

The app of the day: Milanote. This is an app I discovered a couple of weeks ago and it’s become my favorite and most helpful app and I use it every day and all day. Milanote is a web clipper, organizer, project manager, and can be used for things large and small. I’m looking at how this app can be a huge help to people working on a project or a group planning a family vacation, or just you wanting to save an article you found online.

Thursday, August 31st

How to get started with NFC tags and stickers. As we looked at yesterday, NFC tags can be very helpful but setting them up can be a little maddening. Today I’m looking at what you need to get started and how to set some of the tags up for what you want them to do.

Wednesday, August 30th

Tiny stickers that can change how you do things. NFC tags are quarter-sized stickers people are learning can make many tasks easier. Control your smart home devices, send automatic texts and reminders, and many different things just by tapping your phone against a sticker. Today I’ll show how they work, tomorrow I’ll show how to set them up. These are some of the coolest tech gadgets I’ve seen in a long long time.

Tuesday, August 29th

NOTE: Having to change stories today. Haven’t figured out how to use those darned NFC tags well enough to do the story. I’ll effort it for tomorrow.

Today: Gadgets and tech for tailgating. Whether you’re in the parking lot at the stadium or in someone’s backyard, there are a few things that will come in handy at football tailgate parties. I’m looking at a few things to take on the road.

Monday, August 28th

Prime your TV for football. The season kicks off this week and all fans will sit down to watch their favorite team on the big screen TV. No matter what type of TV you own or how much you spent on it, it can look better. There are a few things you can do to make it look better and a couple of things you might think are right but can make the game look terrible.

Friday, August 25th

The app of the day: Socratic. Kids are back in school and in a way, so are their parents. “Mom, can you help me with this homework?”. It’s been awhile since mom and dad were in algebra class and they may no longer be smarter than a 5th grader. Socratic can help parents and students with homework. Not just giving the answer but helping them learn to solve the problems and answer the questions on their own.

Thursday, August 24th

Apple sends out a warning about how you charge your iPhone. They can catch fire! Seriously. And many people are making these mistakes. Apple issued a rare message for its users that if you put your phone on charge and place it in bed while you sleep, it can overheat and catch on fire. Also, if you use cheap gas station chargers can cause a fire.

Wednesday, August 23rd

Tech for emergencies. No matter where you live, the weather can knock you off the grid. But new technology can keep the lights on and keep you connected. I’m looking at a few gadgets to help in case of emergency.

Tuesday, August 22nd

Is the robo call dead? For the first time since the pandemic shut down robo call centers, Americans received fewer spam calls than the month before. It isn’t all good news though. While cellular providers and the FCC made some moves to curb robo calls, robo texts is now public enemy #1. Is there any way to stop them?

Monday, August 21st

It isn’t your imagination. It’s a lot more difficult to understand what actors are saying on TV. A new study shows more and more people are using closed captioning when watching anything on TV and it isn’t the baby boomers, it’s Gen Z. I’m looking at why dialogue in shows and movies is hard to hear or decipher, and what gadgets can help.

Friday, August 18th

The App of the Day: EdX. How would you like to get a college education for free? Not just any education but a Harvard University education. This app offers dozens of Harvard classes for free. Watch virtual classes, download class materials, and (for a fee) get a certificate of completion.

Thursday, August 17th

Improve your home wifi. So you’ve got a bunch of smart home devices, someone who’s always gaming online, and more devices connecting to the internet than ever. As a result, everything is slower. There are several ways to improve your home WiFi to get a speedier connection all through the house. We’ll take a look at a few ways to speed things up.

Wednesday, August 16th

Do you have an old phone you don’t use? Most of them aren’t worth anything but they’re not worthless. When you upgrade to a new device a cellular service will only offer to recycle the old one. You can do something else instead. Turn it into a remote, clock, picture frame, or e-reader. I’m looking at the best ways to use old seemingly worthless devices.

Tuesday, August 15th

An iPhone feature that saved someone’s life in the Maui wildfire tragedy and might save yours if you know about it. Emergency SOS is already a lifesaving feature of iPhone but it doesn’t work if there’s absolutely no cellular connection available. Now the iPhone can contact emergency services by using satellites. And it’s pretty interesting to see how it works.

Monday, August 14th

A viral Facebook hoax that has some truth to it. Every Facebook user has seen th copy-and-paste this message to trick Facebook’s algorithm and see more your friends and fewer ads. Well there’s one viral post like this that has some truth to it. You don’t have to copy and paste, but it does work.

Friday, August 11th

The App of the Day: Taste. Cord cutters have multiple streaming services. Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Pluto, etc. That’s great but it also presents a problem: how to find something to watch. It usually requires you to switch in and out of apps to browse which can take hours. Taste is an app that helps you find something to watch based on what other people like who like what you like. It’s sort of like Tinder for movies and shows.

Thursday, August 10th

Pet tech. It’s a fast growing category: electronics for dogs and cats. Soon to be a $50 billion business category. I’m looking at a couple of pet robots and a gadget that teaches dogs how to talk. Yep. Well, sorta.

Wednesday, August 9th

All the talk this time of year is about back to school supplies for students. For moms and dads sending kids off to college, they’re going to need some supplies too. I’m looking at a few tech gadgets for parents to help keep their students connected even hundreds of miles away.

Tuesday, August 8th

College Students need laptops but today’s laptop computers leave much to be desired. They’re thin and light and that forces manufacturers to take a few necessary things out of the computers. I’m looking at laptop accessories every laptop owner probably needs.

Monday, August 7th

What’s the best laptop for school? PC, MacBook, or Chromebook? The decision could cost or save you hundreds of dollars. I’m looking at a few things to ask yourself before you buy a laptop for college.

Friday, August 4th

The app of the day; tv guide. Cord cutting is great if you’re wanting to save money. It’s different though. One of the biggest differences is being unable to see what’s coming on in a few hours or days. Years ago there was a magazine many of us had on our coffee table that showed us EVERYTHING that was coming on regular TV for the week. Now, TV Guide is an app!

Thursday, August 3rd

Bet you didn’t know your iPhone could do some of these things. As much time as we spend on our smartphones there are cool things it can do that we miss. I’ve rounded up a few things I only recently discovered that people may find helpful. Btw, for this story I’m including a bullet-point list, including an extra tip, in the web story if you want to push viewers to your website.

Wednesday, August 2nd

Parents might think they’re limiting how much time their kids are spending on TikTok, IG, YouTube or other apps. The truth is, kids have figured out a way to get around Screen Time limits and spend as much time as they want on the platforms without their parents ever knowing. I’m explaining this trick that went viral and showing parents what they can do about it.

Tuesday, August 1st

Time is running out to claim a portion of a $725 million dollar class action settlement from Facebook. I did something on this months ago and now the deadline is just a few weeks away. I’m explaining why Facebook is ordered to pay the money, who’s eligible, and how to do it before August 25th.

Monday, July 31st

It happens to all of us at some time or another and it’s a helpless feeling; our phone stops working. It either won’t turn off or won’t turn on. The screen either goes black or frozen on the last thing you were doing. No matter what you do, you can’t fix it. So you take it in to tech support and the dude presses a few buttons and it works again. WHAT DID HE DO??? I’m going to show you how to do a quick hard re-set to save you a trip to the store.

Friday, July 28th

The App of the Day: Firefox Focus. Chrome is the #1 browser in the world but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best browser for everyone. Firefox Focus is a web browser app for people who’d rather Google and its advertisers tracking their every move. But Firefox Focus also helps keep users from becoming distracted by too many windows.

Thursday, July 27th

Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Firestick? How are these streaming devices different from one another and which one is best? There are some pretty big differences and depending on what you and your family enjoy watching, one will be better than the others. I’m taking a look at how these are different to help you decide which one to use.

Wednesday, July 26th

If you have a smart TV do you need a Roku, Firestick, or Chromecast? Smart TVs do what streaming devices do so why would you need one? You don’t, but you might want to have at least one. I’m looking at the pros and cons of adding these popular devices to your smart TV. Tomorrow we’ll look at the choices and help pick the right one for your needs.

Tuesday, July 25th

How much is your Barbie (or another collectible) worth? The Barbie movie has driven up prices of collectible Barbies and you may have one or two in a closet somewhere. Rather than spending lots of time looking up prices yourself, you can simply use your phone’s camera. And I discovered why some collectible Barbies aren’t worth `what you thought.

Monday, July 24th

X. It’s official, “X” has replaced Twitter and “all the birds”. New details are rolling out about what X is and how it will be different than Twitter. I’m talking with a social media expert about the future of X and whether this is a move that kills the social network and pushes people to Threads.

Friday, July 21st

The app of the day: Hand Talk. GENIUS! If you’ve ever struggled talking to a deaf person this is the app you’ve been looking for. Enter what you want to say, or say it, and this app translates it into sign language. Not just for you to use, but it displays an animated character who signs for you, and the person you’re talking to.

Thursday, July 20th

Is your TV watching you? You may spend hours each day watching live TV, Netflix, YouTube, or another streaming service. While you’re watching it, is your television watching you? It is. In a way. What you need to know about something the TV industry calls “post purchase monetization”.

Wednesday, July 19th

Netflix just canceled its Basic Plan that many people subscribe to. Starting today you’ll need to pay an extra $60 a year for its Standard Plan unless you’re already doing Basic. I’ll explain what’s going on and what Netflix is up to.

Tuesday, July 18th

A genius way to keep up with your tech gadget chargers. If you’ve got a bunch of power blocks/chargers for things you know how difficult it can be to keep track of what goes with what. After trying a few ways to keep them organized I finally found one that works. QR codes.

Monday, July 17th

I’ve received a few questions about returning products ordered on Prime Day. It’s pretty easy but there are a few catches. I’m looking at what you need to know before you send something back.

Friday, July 14th

App of the Day: Goblin Tools. This is another A.I. app, similar to Chat GPT, Bard, and others. But Goblin Tools is designed for people with neurodivergent challenges that make some tasks difficult and overwhelming. People with ADHD, are on the autism spectrum, Down’s syndrome, and dyslexia will likely find this app helpful. So will their parents and grandparents. I’ll explain how this app works and why it may be just what some families are looking for.

Thursday, July 13th

UPDATE: I’m going to hold off on pet tech until next week. iPhone users can now download the latest iOS 17 in beta. But should you? The new operating system has a lot of new features and you’ve probably heard about the cool things you can do with it. I’m taking a look at how to get permission to download it, what you should do before, and answer the question: should you get it or wait.

Wednesday, July 12th

Prime Day scams: fake text messages. Prime Day ends today which means for the rest of the week shoppers will be waiting on their packages. Billions of dollars worth of items are being shipped and scammers will be taking advantage of shopper’s anticipation. How texting (smishing) texts work, how to spot them, and what happens when you click on one. (I hope this will be the last Prime Day related story for awhile)

Tuesday, July 11th

Amazon Prime Day and all of the other summer sales holidays are well underway. If you place an order watch out for scams. The bad guys take advantage of online shopping events as much as the shoppers. I’m looking at a few common shopping scams, what to watch for, and how to avoid them.

Monday, July 10th

Millions of people will shop online over the next few days. Last year on Amazon Prime Day, shoppers ordered over 300 million items. That makes this week a much anticipated week for thieves. Porch pirates will be roaming neighborhoods looking for easy marks. I’m looking at things you can do to protect your packages from being taken from your doorstep.

Friday, July 7th

The app of the day: Threads. You’ve heard about it this Twitter competitor from Meta and Instagram. It released the other day and already has about 40 million downloads. Here’s most everything you need to know about it. The good, the bad, and where it needs to improve.

Thursday, July 6th

Prime yourself for Prime Day this weekend. You can lose money on Prime Day, or at least miss deals on products you want. I’m looking at two tools Prime Day shoppers should use to get the best deals. It’s easy to miss a lightning sale and it’s easy to make sure you’re not falling for something that only looks like a bargain. These two tools will help save even more money on Prime Day whether you shop on a computer or a phone.

Wednesday, July 5th

Taking a look ahead to Amazon Prime Day which begins Tuesday. While Amazon gets most of the attention, other online retailers will try to compete with their own sales events. I’m looking at where you can find great deals on electronics next week and what gadgets are going to be discounted the most.

Tuesday, July 4th

Happy Independence Day. Not much going on in the tech world so I’m going to look at something that affects us all. Battery trickle and charging a phone overnight. Many (most?) of us put our phones on charge when we go to bed. While it sits on the charger it’s affected by battery trickle. I’m taking a look at what this means and how to charge a phone to make the battery last longer.

Monday, July 3rd

(I’ll get this story finished by noon today so you have more time to run it before tomorrow)

How to take photos of fireworks with your smartphone? Even professional photographers will tell you fireworks are some of the hardest things to shoot. They’re even more difficult with a smartphone camera. But it can be done. I’m looking at a few camera settings to improve your chances of getting good shots.

Friday, June 30th

The App of the Day: iExit. We’ve all been on a road trip and thought about getting something to eat. Do we stop at the next exit? Or is something better down the road? This app tells you exactly what is at each exit so you know if it’s okay to go a little further. It shows restaurants, hotels, and gas stations. RV’ers know all about this app and it’s a favorite for serious road warriors.

Thursday, June 29th

Amazon pushes Prime memberships leading up to and during Prime Day which is coming up in a little over a week. Many of our viewers already pay for Prime ($139 annually). Now that other retailers promote their own sales to compete with Amazon, you may wonder if Prime is worth the extra money? There are many Prime benefits that you’re probably not using. I’m looking at all of the “hidden” features that you’re missing.

Wednesday, June 28th

Travel tech. I’m sure you’re doing something about travel delays and issues. AAA expects 4th of July travel to set all-time records for the holiday both by air and highways. Predictions of over 51 million people leaving home for a few days. I’m rounding up some travel tech to make any trip at least a little easier.

Tuesday, June 27th

It’s too hot and your smartphone hates the heat more than you do. What happens when your phone displays the warning that it’s too hot? What should you do? What does Apple and the other phone makers suggest you shouldn’t do? Phone makers strongly suggest a few steps that can prevent overheating. I’m taking a look at a couple mistakes many people make after they see a warning pop-up saying the phone won’t work until it cools off.

Monday, June 26th

The iPhone turns 16 years old on June 30th. The first iPhone was released on that date in 2007. Can you even remember what life was like before? The iPhone changed the world and that’s no hyperbole. I’m looking at 3, maybe 4 ways the iPhone changed everything.

Friday, June 23rd

App of the Day: Autio. This app was all Kevin Costner’s idea and it’s geared toward roadtrip vacations. Autio is filled with stories read by people like Costner. As you drive through an area, someone tells a story about its history. It’s like having a tour guide on road trips. Drive along the coast of Florida and stories appear on a map that you can listen and learn about some of the cool things about that area. Is it better than listening to podcasts and music? We’ll see.

Thursday, June 22nd

When young kids can’t call 9-1-1. When we all had landline phones it was easy to teach a young child how to call for help. Today, if something happens to mom or dad and the child needs to call 9-1-1, many don’t know how. In fact, many have no way to call for help because mom and dad’s phone is locked and they don’t know the passcode. I’m looking at a simple solution and how to put an old phone to good use.

Wednesday, June 21st

Amazon Prime Day is coming back. And soon. Amazon announcing the dates and a few changes including one that might lead you to shop elsewhere. Yep, Amazon is making it where you don’t have to shop at Amazon.com. I’m looking at this big change and a few other things you should know about Prime Day and how it stacks up against Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Tuesday, June 20th

It’s pool, lake, and beach season and if you’re going to be anywhere near water this summer, prepare to protect your smartphone. I’m looking at a few things you can (and should) do to protect your phone from water damage. Including an iPhone trick most people don’t know.

Monday, June 19th

Do you subscribe to too many streaming services? Cord cutters can easily spend too much money on streaming. For the first time since streaming became a “thing”, the number of subscriptions dropped in March. That means people ended their subscriptions to Hulu, YouTube TV, HBO Max, Amazon Video, or other services they were paying for. I’ll look at how it adds up and one tip to save money.

Friday, June 16th

The app of the day, Radioooo. I’m a sucker for cool music apps and this app is pretty unusual. It’s a radio Time Machine. You select any country in the world and a decade and the Radioooo app plays music that was popular in that country and at that time. It’s like going back in time and listening to the radio.

Thursday, June 15th

A Facebook scam so good it’s fooling smart Facebook users. Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook. Just because it is a sponsored ad doesn’t mean it’s a trustworthy business. Recent ads on Facebook are scams and Facebook doesn’t appear to be doing anything about them. This particular scam almost fooled me into entering a credit card to take advantage of a sale on Lulu Lemon. I dug through the ad to find out who’s really behind it.

Wednesday, June 14th

One more Father’s Day gift ideas. Sure gift cards are easy but I can assure you, no dad remembers what you gave him. I’m rounding out the Father’s Day gift idea series with tech gifts he’ll definitely remember every time he uses them. Which will be often. These are more affordable gift options than the ones we’ve tried this week.

Tuesday, June 13th

Fathers Day gifts: a robot bartender. If dad loves a good cocktail and he likes to entertain, this robot bartender will have people talking. The Bartesian is sort of like a Kureig, only with Manhattans, Old Fashions, and Margaritas. They’re pretty cool but take up a ton of countertop space. I’m looking at a new Bartesian that solves that problem; it’s half the size.

Monday, June 12th

Father’s Day gifts: portable refrigerator. I seriously haven’t seen anything like this new tech product. It’s a refrigerator on wheels with a freezer AND an ice maker. And it doesn’t need a power cable. I’m seeing if the “Glacier” can live up to its claims and how it works.

Friday, June 9th

The App of the day: Ink Hunter. Tattoos are forever and you don’t want any “regerts” once ink hits skin. This app lets you see what a tattoo will look like before you sit in the chair. It uses AI to virtually place a tattoo on your arm, wrist, etc to see what it will look like.

Thursday, June 8th

Father’s Day gift ideas: outdoor movie projector and screen. Last week Google searches for “outdoor living spaces” jumped over 700%. If dad is the outdoor entertaining type, a movie projector and screen could be just the right gift. Whether he’s entertaining the kids in the neighborhood, hosting his buddies for a game night, or using it for a business presentation. I’m looking at a few options of projectors and screens to make dad the talk of the neighborhood.

Wednesday, June 7th

Two things you can do with your iPhone that you never knew. I’m going to check to see if Android devices have these features too. These are time-savers that solve a couple of the headaches we all experience. How to select multiple text messages or voicemails at once and another feature you’ll be “today years old” when you learned you can do this.

Tuesday, June 6th

Father’s Day gift ideas 2. I’m looking at surround sound systems for dad’s home theater. Or if he would love a home theater (who doesn’t?) how do you start? I’m looking at the main elements of building a home theater. From a TV to surround sound system.

Monday, June 5th

this page didn’t get updated earlier. I’m covering Apple’s announcement and the expected Apple VR. Other companies are doing virtual reality glasses but none have really taken off. Will Apple’s VR headset be different? What will it do? How much will it cost? Will anyone care? The conference is going on right now. I’ll have it by 4P central time. (Btw, i do not mention “today” anywhere in the package.

Friday, June 2nd

The App of the Day: Pocket. You can have 28 apps on your home screen. Pocket should be one of them. If you spend time reading news articles and blog posts on your phone you may see something you want to read later. You can add a bookmark, or you can use this app. Whether you’re on your computer or phone Pocket makes it easy to save anything you see online.

Thursday, June 1st

First, can you guys help me with a correction? Last week in the stories about kids, smartphones, and social media, (5-24, and 5-25) I misspelled a name in the web story. If it’s possible could the digital team please correct it? “Titania” is the correct spelling for Titania Jordan, not “Tatania”. I misspelled her name with an A instead of the I. I apologize for the error. If it could be corrected I would greatly appreciate it.

Story pitch for today: The FCC fined Amazon $25 million for misusing the recordings of kids when they talk to Alexa. Amazon has been keeping those recordings even after parents thought they’d deleted them. Why? I’ll get into that and show you how to hear what Alexa recorded when it thought you said its name.

Wednesday, May 31st

So how good (and scary) is AI when you use it to fake you saying something? A couple of weeks ago I looked at new technology being used to “bank” or record your voice for playing later if you somehow become unable to speak. Apple will reportedly release something similar. What would happen if you combine a banked voice with Chat GPT? We’re going to find out.

Tuesday, May 30th

Father’s Day gifts. Tech gifts hit a high point for Father’s Day. Dads love gadgets. I’ll be sprinkling in a few tech gift ideas over the next few weeks, starting today. A couple of gadgets that make it easy to do dad things, something to bring to life some of his childhood or a new hobby, and something especially for grandads.

Monday, May 29th

Happy Memorial Day. A gnarly scam is spreading on Facebook and this one has the potential to kill your Facebook page. Police departments are issuing advisories about the “I think you know him” scam. One of our viewers unknowingly sent it to me. I’ll show what happens if you click the link.

Friday, May 26th

The App of the Day: Foodvisor. Ever wonder if what you’re eating is good for you? Ever look at nutritional labels and can’t make out what’s good and what’s bad? Foodvisor makes it easy to quickly see what’s inside the food you eat. Take a photo of what you’re about to eat and Foodvisor uses machine learning to tell you what you’re about to put in your body and whether it’s good or bad.

Thursday, May 25th

How parents can say no to a smartphone when “all the other kids have one”. I’m following up yesterday’s story on social media and kids with a possible solution for parents who get pressure from their young kids who demand a smartphone. When all the other parents say “yes”, others find it difficult to say no. But there’s a solution. A national program suggests parents get together to form a plan. And it’s working.

Wednesday, May 24th

I’m following up one the Surgeon General’s notice that social media poses a risk for children. What are some of the findings from studies and what evidence is there that social media contributes to mental health issues? I’m talking with a company that’s done some research and the findings are alarming.

Tuesday, May 23rd

Holiday travel with the kids and the tech that can make the trip peaceful. What can you do for a couple of kids in the backseat on a multi-hour drive? Toss them a tablet or phone to keep them occupied. Do you really want your kids to watch silly cartoons for 4 hours straight? I’m looking at a few tech tips for car trips with the kids.

Monday, May 22nd

Memorial Day travel tech. AAA predicts 42 million Americans will travel this Memorial Day. That’s the most since 2000. For a couple days this week I’m going to be looking at tech for traveling. A couple of things you may want to have in the car for when you and the family hit the road.

Friday, May 19th

The app of the day: a real Chat GPT app. Both app stores have been over run with fake Chat GPT apps that contain viruses. The folks behind Chat GPT, OpenAI have pushed an official app to the Apple App Store and another is coming to the Google Play Store.

Thursday, May 18th

Get $30 off your internet bill (if you qualify). The government paves the way for millions of people and families to get a $30 reduction in the cost of their home internet. It’s simple to find out if you qualify and you may be surprised that you qualify based on income. I’m explaining how it works, how to find out if you qualify, and how to apply. That’s a $360 savings over the course of the year.

Wednesday, May 17th

An iPhone will soon be able to sound exactly like you. Apple is releasing technology that will allow your iPhone to send messages with audio that uses your voice. Only you typed what you wanted it to say. How does that work? I’m looking at Acapella, a company that uses similar technology to help ALS patients save their voice so their loved ones will hear them and not a computerized voice. It’s pretty unreal.

Tuesday, May 16th

TV antennas: facts and myths. Cord cutters are in the market for TV antennas to get free TV. Walmart and Amazon are filled with deals on antennas, but many of them have fake claims. Can you really get cable channels? Will you really get 4k? Can you really get TV stations from hundreds of miles away? I’m looking at some of the cons being advertised and what you really need to know before buying a TV antenna.

Monday, May 15th

Tech gifts for grads. Sure, high school and college graduates will love getting cash or a check for their big day. They might even like an Amazon or Best Buy gift card. Those are easy. If you’re the type who wants to give something thoughtful, I’ve rounded up a few tech gadgets that almost any grad will find useful or fun.

Friday, May 12th

The app of the day: Flighty. If you are a frequent flier or if you frequently pick up fliers at the airport this may be an app that’s worth the subscription. Flighty gives you lots of data other airline apps can’t offer. It’s the most popular and most recommended app for travelers who want as much information as they can get. Flighty says it delivers FAA provided information on delays even before the pilots get them.

Thursday, May 11th

If you use a Windows PC you should update your software today. Microsoft just released an update that patches dozens of bugs that allow hackers to take over your computer and do a lot of nasty things with your information. Several flaws are known as “zero days vulnerabilities” which means hackers already know about them and are using them to break into PCs. I’ll explain why it’s important to update Windows and how to do it.

Wednesday, May 10th

Tech gifts for moms, dads, and grads. This is a season for gifts. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day of course. Plus you may have some high school and college graduates you need to buy for. I’ve rounded up a few tech gift ideas that will be great for any of the folks on your gift list this spring. Today’s story will feature some tech gadgets for the working man and woman, as well as those who’ll be out looking for a job.

Tuesday, May 9th

unique and personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas you can still get in time for Sunday. Do you struggle to find something to give a mom who has everything she needs or wants? I’ve rounded up a few creative gifts that she has no idea exists and will let her know how much she means to you. I’m including unique video books, gummie vitamins tailored for her needs, and a way to create the most personalized greeting card, poem, or song she’s ever seen.

Monday, May 8th

Our power went out and it sounds like it’s going to be out for most of the day. As a result I’m going to hold off on the Mother’s Day story pitch below to make sure I can get a story done today.

Instead I’m going to look at something many people can overlook when setting up an online savings account. Nearly a billion dollars was deposited into Apple Savings accounts in just the first 4 days. The issue with online bank accounts is what happens to your money if something happens to you? Your family can’t run down to the local bank branch for help. And since your money is tied only to an online bank, they can problems trying to access it. I’m looking at the most important thing you should do when setting up any online bank account.

Friday, May 5th

The app of the day Water Llama. it’s spring and summer time and you better stay hydrated. Of all the things Apple Health does, it does not do anything about keeping track of your water intake. This app, from the Ukraine, tracks how much water, coffee, soda, tea, and alcohol you drink and keeps you motivated to do better.

Thursday, May 4th

Astro the security guard. Amazon touts its new robot as a solution to guarding your home. It patrols the house and sends alerts if it detects a loud sound or an unknown person. How does it do? I checked it out for about a month to find out.

Wednesday, May 3rd

The Jetsons are here. Amazon announced its household robot named “Astro” a couple of years ago. It’s now available. I picked up an Astro robot about a month ago and have been trying it out to see what it can do. Is it worth the $1,599? What does it do? Today I’m looking at some of the basic information and tasks this robot can do, I’ll follow it up Thursday with a look at how it does as a home security guard.

Tuesday, May 2nd

If you’ve ever left a pet behind while you’re at work or on vacation, there’s now a robot to let you stay in touch and even toss them some snacks. Also a mug that keeps your coffee or tea hot for over an hour. I’m looking at some really cool Mother’s Day gadgets that you may not have seen before.

Monday, May 1st

Less than 2 weeks from Mother’s Day and if you haven’t done it already, you should start thinking about Mother’s Day gift ideas. I’m going to sprinkle in a few gadget gift ideas over the next week or so starting today and tomorrow. Gadget gifts for moms who may not care that much about tech gadgets.

Friday, April 28th

The App of the Day, Poolsuite FM. Every now and then I run across an app that seems stupid and ridiculous. Everyone already has their favorite music app, or apps but you might want to add Poolsuite FM to your suite of apps. It’s a total throwback to the 70s and is filled with songs you’ve never heard before. Stupid? Not necessarily. There are several reasons this could be one of your favorite apps of summer.

Thursday, April 27th

Tax refunds and mailbox theft. The US Postal Service reports an increase of mailbox thefts around tax time. Criminals snatch mail out of mailboxes looking for tax refund checks. It’s a crime of opportunity and very easy to commit. 20% of taxpayers still receive their refunds through paper checks. I’m looking at how this crime typically happens and what to do online to protect yourself and your refund.

Wednesday, April 26th

Saving photos on a smartphone. It’s spring and you may be getting ready to take more photos with your phone. Graduations, holidays, vacations, and other events give us more opportunities to snap photos and shoot video. We may want to take more photos than our phones can hold, so what do you do? Many people make a disastrous mistake that causes them to lose important photos forever. I’m taking a look at how to make room on your phone for photos and videos without losing them forever.

Tuesday, April 25th

How to find someone’s emergency info, even if they can’t respond and you don’t know who they are. This truly could save someone’s life: you find someone who needs help right away but are not able to respond. Maybe they’ve fallen and hit their head, maybe they’ve had a seizure, maybe they’re too drunk to take care of themselves. If they have a smartphone you can not only call their family or friends but give first responders information that could save their life. Even if their phone is locked, you can find their emergency information. I’ll show how to do that on an iPhone or Android device.

Monday, April 24th

Facebook is on the hook for $725 million and if you have, or had a Facebook account you can get a slice. How much? No one knows right now. I’ll take a look at the lawsuit, how to know if you’re entitled to some of it, and how to claim it.

Friday, April 21st

The App of the Day, All Trails. This app is a huge help to anyone who loves a good hike. Search for nearby trails to get all the details you need to know before setting off on a walk. Is it steeper than you want to hike? Is it a loop? How far is it? What do other hikers say about it? And you can use the app to search for the best trails wherever you’re traveling.

Thursday, April 20th

Want to help the environment? Keep your electronics working. Earth Day is Saturday and much of the emphasis will be cleaning up the environment. But what if there’s less to clean up? I’m looking at things we all can do to keep our computers, phones, routers, and other electronics working for a long time. It’ll help the environment and save you a ton of money.

Wednesday, April 19th

What are you supposed to do with old electronics? Landfills are filling up with old TVs, computers, and phones. Electronics have dangerous materials that should never go into the trash, yet over a billion tons of old electronics get dumped there anyway. Earth Day is Saturday so I’m looking at how to get rid of unwanted electronics safely. Who recycles electronics and what do they do with them? Best Buy just introduced a new program to take unwanted tech right from your doorstep and I’m looking at a recycling center that focuses on electronics.

Tuesday, April 18th

Apple now offers high yield savings accounts. Teased a while ago you can now open up a savings account alongside an Apple credit card. While the banks on the corner offer savings accounts that earn about .3%, Apple and Goldman-Sachs savings accounts will earn 4.15% interest. Can iPhone users now do all of their banking through Apple? I’ll explain and show what it takes to apply.

Monday, April 17th

Start now to prepare for tax day 2024. Filing taxes can be easier than it was this year if you plan ahead. Keeping track of expenses, deductions, mileage, donations, and all of the other things that can bring down your tax bill doesn’t have to be the headache it usually is. If you’re still saving paper receipts in an envelope or folder there is a better way. Better ways that is. I’m looking at a few things you can do right now to prepare for Tax Day 2024.

Friday, April 14th

The app of the day Picture This. Now’s the time folks are getting back into the yard, planting, digging, weeding, and all those other flower bed and yard chores. Do you ever run across something and wonder, ‘should I weed it or feed it?’? Picture This uses artificial intelligence to help find out what is growing in your garden and yard. Simply snap a photo and in seconds the app can show you what it is (most likely).

Thursday, April 13th

How to share vacation photos on Facebook while you’re on vacation. Sure, we all know it’s not the best idea to tell everyone we’re out of town, but many people do it anyway. Posting photos from the beach, or mountains, or some beautiful city in Europe is just too tempting. I’m going to show you how easy it is for a burglar to find an empty house and how you can share them safely.

Wednesday, April 12th

The FBI is warning travelers about public chargers and charging stations you see in airports and hotels. The warning suggests “bad actors” have figured out ways to compromise those charging plugs to steal information and install malware that can track phones even after you unplug the phone. How much of a threat is this? I’m looking into the risk and what travelers should do instead to keep phones and tablets charged.

Tuesday, April 11th

More facebook mistakes. We’ve all done these things that help hackers find and target you for their dirty work. Sign into an app or website with your Facebook login? How many devices are currently logged into your account? And how many companies/websites have you given permission to see and share your web activity? Things we never think about but the hackers do. I’ll run down a few more settings you definitely need to check and change.

Monday, April 10th

Are you doing something wrong on Facebook? Is your account getting hacked over and over again? Are you constantly seeing ads you don’t want and don’t need? Are you sharing your Facebook information with companies you don’t know? Maybe it’s time to look under the Facebook hood. I’m taking a look at some Facebook privacy options you probably didn’t know were putting your information at risk.

Friday, April 7th

The app of the day: your own chat gpt. By now everyone has heard about Chat GPT. There are dozens of chat gpt apps in the app stores and there’s one at the top of the App Store charts. The thing is, there is no official Chat GPT app and one you download may be stealing your information or worse. (See Lily Collins Facebook hack). I’ll explain and show how to create your own chat GPT app. I did something a few weeks ago before Chat GPT took over the tech headlines. This is not a repeat of that story.

Thursday, April 6th

Genius gadgets to help spring clean your workspace and storage room. Do you feel anxiety every time you look under or behind your desk? Do you ever forget which plastic tub you stashed something in and placed in a storage room? I recently purchased a couple of gadgets popular on TikTok to take care of the mess behind the desk and in the storage room. Pretty genius stuff and, by the way, why didn’t I think of that?

Wednesday, April 5th

Spring clean your tech. You spent hundreds (maybe thousands) on that new big screen television and you notice it doesn’t look as good as it once did. You may notice a smudge, or the colors are just not as vibrant as they should be. Back in the old days you might’ve just taken a bottle of glass cleaner but you can’t do that now. I’m looking at what the owner’s manuals say about cleaning today’s TVs and the mistakes people make that can ruin the screen.

Tuesday, April 4th

Apple and Facebook make it nearly impossible for someone to access someone else’s accounts or profiles. But that security has a downside. If someone close to you dies can you access their accounts to download photos, files, contacts, and other things they’d want you to have? It used to be impossible to talk Apple into letting someone look at someone else’s information. I’m looking at how to set up Apple accounts and Facebook profiles that allow someone to take care of your digital estate after you’re gone.

Monday, April 3rd

Have you ever wondered what will happen to Google accounts when you or someone close to you dies? Unless someone has their username and password, it’s nearly impossible to gain access to their email, Google Drive, or anything else you might need. Google has a way for trusted friends and family to gain access to someone’s account IF it’s set up ahead of time. It could be one of the most important things anyone can do for their loved ones. I’ll look at Apple and Facebook in the next few days.

Friday, March 31st

the app of the day. Pet first aid. If you’re a pet owner you’ve probably had a moment where you didn’t know what to do. Should you rush them to the vet or what? Pet First Aid is from ASCPA to help pet owners figure out what’s going on and what to do.

Thursday, March 30th

If you have an iPhone you can now download the latest version of iOS 16. What’s in it? New emoji!!! If you’re always looking for just the right emoji for text messages, you have a few more choices but what are they and how can you use them? Also, a trick many people don’t know about to find just the right emoji to use when you’re typing out a text or message. Oh, and other devices have them too.

Wednesday, March 29th

Troubled teenagers might not ever talk with a counselor, teacher, parent, friend, or make a phone call to crisis assistance. Most teenagers don’t like talking to people or over the phone about anything. But they will text. I feel it’s worth mentioning the Crisis Text Line which works with volunteer counselors across the country who will respond to anonymous text messages and What’sApp.

Tuesday, March 28th

how to download all of your Facebook posts, pictures, etc. In the wake of the Lily Collins Facebook hack (that I covered yesterday), I think it’s a good idea to let viewers know they can, and should, download their photos, memories, and contacts from Facebook in the event their account is ever removed or compromised. It isn’t difficult but yet most people don’t know it’s possible. I’ll show you how.

Monday, March 27th

The Facebook hack Facebook doesn’t want to talk about. Over the past few months hundreds of Facebook users had their accounts (profiles) taken over by hackers. They lost all of their photos, memories, contacts, everything. On top of that, the hacker changed all of the victim’s names to ‘Lily Collins’. And Facebook did not respond. The victims were helpless to do anything. I talked to one of the “Lily Collins Hack” victims about how it happened and it should frighten everyone with a Facebook or Instagram account.

Friday, March 24th

The app of the day: “one sec”. Are you having trouble ignoring social media? Do you spend a long time each day endlessly scrolling through Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and others? One sec is an app designed to help you cut the social media hold on your time. And it does it in a rather unusual way.

Thursday, March 23rd

I’m doing some legwork on a couple of strong stories for next week. And it’s a pretty slow tech week. So I’m looking at a spring cleaning piece. Everyone has cords, devices, papers, and other clutter on their computer. You can tidy things up a lot without losing anything you need. I’m taking a look at how to spring clean your computer desk.

Wednesday, March 22nd

The importance of backing up your computer. World Backup Day is coming soon and it’s a reminder of how important it is to save and backup all the things we have stored on our computer. Photos, music library, important files and documents. Things happen that wipe all that away. I’m looking at how, and the easiest way, to back up any computer.

Tuesday, March 21st

The FCC is cracking down on spam texts. What’s worse than robocalls? Spam texts. You can’t just hang up on the scammer, you always read it and most contain malicious links. The increase in spam texts has forced the FCC to react. I’m explaining why spam texts pose such a big risk and what has to happen for the FCC’s plan to work.

Monday, March 20th

The rising cost of streaming. YouTube TV sent an email to subscribers announcing it is raising the cost by $8 starting next month. Hulu raised prices again last year. For people who cut the cable cord a few years ago it’s beginning to appear that at some point, streaming is going to cost as much as cable. I’m looking at how much it costs now to stream live TV and how it compares to cable prices.

Friday, March 17th

The App of the Day: Coin Snap. A dollar may not be worth as much as it used to be, but a penny, or a quarter could be worth 10,000% more than when it was first minted. If you’ve ever wondered what an old nickel is worth, just take a photo of it with CoinSnap and it’ll give you a value. Good for collectors and might be fun for kids.

Thursday, March 16th

TikTok: is the Chinese government really following you? TikTok is in the news again today. Since it’s a fast-moving story today’s story will be more of a side-bar that you can run alongside the latest update in the news. If there’s so much concern about the Chinese tracking TikTok users, is there anything we can do right now to guard our privacy? I’ll look at settings you need and those you can turn off no matter how `you use TikTok.

Wednesday, March 15th

Ever gone to a movie theater, church service, business meeting, or dance recital and someone’s phone starts ringing? To be honest I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. You don’t want to be that person everyone’s looking at do you? The iPhone and Android devices have silent mode buttons but phone cases can make it difficult to flip the switch. Thankfully, both phones have a special feature called “Do Not Disturb” that apparently a lot of people don’t know how to use. I’ll show all of the things you can do with Do Not Disturb and how it can save you from embarrassment and from being disturbed yourself.

Tuesday, March 14th

Is your money safe in an online bank? Online banks offer better interest rates than your bank down the street. Some offer interest rates of over 4% while local brick and mortar banks only pay .01%. But…are online banks safe? Is your money protected? What about money you may have in a Venmo, PayPal, or other cash app account. I’m talking to an expert.

Monday, March 13th

“Yessssss it works”. No it doesn’t. Everyone on Facebook has seen at least one friend share a viral post which says they’ve done a copy-paste to remove ads and return all of their friends to their feed. They say it works but does it? And if it’s a scam what harm can come from posting it? I’ll explain how a scammer can use your post to target you.

Friday, March 10th

The App of the Day: Glass. Instagram may not be dead but Gen X sure hates it now. Insta is the #1 app people want to drop. Why? Because it’s trying to hard to be TikTok. If you’re only on Instagram for photos, Glass is an app to try. Follow pro photographers or your friends.

Thursday, March 9th

How to spot hidden cameras in an Airbnb or condo rental. Spring break traditionally is the start of vacation season and it’s that time of year again. Many people will rent an Airbnb or condo. Did the owner hide any security cameras in the rooms? You can buy small cameras built into smoke detectors, chargers, alarm clocks and just about anything you can think of. Is there a way to check for them? I’m looking at some of the hidden cameras for sale on Amazon and how to spot them where you’re renting.

Wednesday, March 8th

Sleep tech! 48 states will ‘spring forward’ this weekend and next week is Sleep Awareness Week (no coincidence). Spring and summer take some adjustments in order to get a good night’s sleep so I’m looking at a few things that can help. From a pillow to stop snoring to a number of apps to help you fall asleep and wake up on time. I will mention spring forward in the anchor intro but not the package.

Tuesday, March 7th

Many parents hoping to keep their kids from visiting websites and certain apps turn on an iPhone feature called Screen Time. This allows parents to set limits on how much time they can spend on apps and sites or if they can use them at all. What they may not know is Screen Time limits do not include visits and time spent on websites accessed in private or incognito mode. I’m looking a little closer at what screen time does and does not do, and how to truly lock down your child’s phone if you only want them to use it for certain things.

Monday, March 6th

How kids hide the fact they use apps their parents have forbidden. I’ve heard parents say ‘I don’t allow the TikTok (or Snapchat) app on my kids’ phones. That’s cute you think that. But kids are using apps their parents forbid by using a few tricks of the trade. I’m looking at a couple of the secrets kids (and cheating spouses probably) use to hide the apps they don’t want you to see.

Friday, March 3rd

The App of the Day: Forest. It is the Global Day of Unplugging and it runs through sundown Saturday. “Forest” is an app for iPhone and Android that helps limit the amount of time you spend on your phone. You set your time limits for the phone or apps and Forest keeps track of how much time you’re spending. It’s great for limiting distractions when you absolutely need to focus on a project.

I won’t mention the Global Day of Unplugging in the package if you plan to air the story at a later date but it will be referenced to in the anchor intro.

Thursday, March 2nd

Unplugging. Friday-Saturday is the Global Day of Unplugging. I won’t mention this in the package in case you want to run it later but it will be referenced in the intro.

By now most everyone agrees we are spending too much time on social media and smartphones. The GDoU is intended to encourage people to spend time away from those screens. Is it a lost cause now? How do we convince the younger generations to spend less time doomscrolling? And is there a better way to unplug than willpower? I’m talking to a journalist who’s done a ton of research to help answer some of those questions.

Wednesday, March 1st

It’s March and time for spring cleaning. I see people cleaning up their yards and people are cleaning up (and out) their homes. While you’re in the spring cleaning mindset, it’s a good time to do some cleanup of your tech. Namely your phone and computer. I’m taking a look today at some things you can do on your phone to clean up and speed up the device you use more than anything else.

Tuesday, February 28th

Can someone set up a second or alternate Face ID on your iPhone? One of Apple’s best security feature is Face ID. It should prevent someone from using your phone to transfer money, purchase things with Apple Pay, and even log into some social media apps. If someone takes your phone and passcode, wouldn’t Face ID prevent them from using those apps without permission? You’d think so but you’d be wrong. I’m going to test this out to see if it’s possible and a few things you can do to make your phone harder to use if it’s ever stolen.

Monday, February 27th

If you have an iPhone, this is the single most important thing you can do to protect your identity, bank accounts, privacy, and practically everything else in your life. There was a report in the Wall Street Journal last week about a young woman who had her iPhone stolen while using it in a bar. Before she could react, the thief had changed the passcode, transferred money from her bank account, and changed passwords for many of her accounts. Police say they’re seeing more reports of this type of crime.

What usually happens in these thefts and what the bad guys quickly do to lock you out of your phone forever. Tomorrow I’ll follow up with a best practices story on preventing this crime.