Do you really need a 70″ TV? Or should you stick to a 55″? You may be surprised at the answer.

We’ve always heard that the best time to buy or upgrade a TV is Super Bowl week. People want to watch the big game on a bigger screen, and at no time before have big screen TVs flown off shelves than this month.

“Football season is huge,” said Best Buy manager Terrance Cole. , “Super Bowl is big. This is when people like to wait and buy and upgrade. We get super aggressive, we have really good deals on a lot of TVs because of the time frame.”

It isn’t just Best Buy, you can find low prices on TVs at just about any retailer that carries them. Walmart, Target, and Amazon are offering lowest-than-ever prices on quality TVs.

“Super Bowl is big. This is when people like to wait and buy and upgrade.

Another reason televisions are such a bargain every January is the follow-up to CES, when manufacturers introduce new models. Why pay a lot of money for a 4K TV when an 8K is just around the corner. And why get a 50-inch set with the price of a 70-inch TV costs just a little more?

Cole said as prices have gotten smaller, TVs people want are getting bigger.

“Probably the most popular size that we have right now is the 65-inch. We get a lot of people who will go, that will have probably a 55 and they’ll go to 65,” Cole said.

“I remember when I first started with the company, 50-55 was really like holy cow! Look at the size of that TV!”

It isn’t unusual for people coming in asking for a 70-inch TV or larger.

But what size is the right size? It’s a matter of opinion and math.

As televisions have gotten bigger, people haven’t moved their couch or chair where they sit. Distance is important if you want to get both the best screen size at the lowest price.

If you sit 8 feet or less from the TV, a 55-inch 4K TV is all you really need. Not only is that about as wide as you can see, it’s also just far enough away so that you cannot see individual pixels on the screen. If you sit 10 feet or more, you need a larger screen. At 10-feet it’s generally recommended that a 70-inch TV is a perfect size.

Cole said, none of that matters to people who just want the biggest and brightest TV they can afford. “I’ve known people who legitimately sat barely 5 feet away and bought a 70-inch TV,” he said.