app says 'take a breath"

    Could one second make the difference in you checking Facebook or Instagram? If the app didn’t open automatically, would it make you think twice about wasting your time?

   That’s the premise behind this app called “One Sec”.

The app, for iPhone and Android devices, forces you to take a one-second break before the app opens. 

   Here’s how it works:

 The app works through Apple’s Shortcuts app or natively on Android devices.

 Set up isn’t the easiest thing in the world but the app walks you through each step through a how-to video.

 You’ll open the shortcuts app and set up new automation.  

Selecting the ‘app’ option to choose what happens when you open an app. We’ll choose TikTok. 

You’ll tap “next” then “add action” and then tap “apps” to choose One Sec.

   Uncheck “notify when run” so it’ll work automatically. 

 Now, when you tap to open TikTok, One Sec will prompt you to take a breath and think twice before continuing. The idea is to delay the gratification of scrolling mindlessly, to take a breath and think it over. You’re asked why you want to open the app. “Bored” is typically the reason.

You can also see how many times you’ve opened or tried to open the app during the past 24 hours. 

   You can continue of course, but those who take a breath and change their minds about opening the app say it’s helped save them time which led them to be more productive. 

   Does it really work? One Sec has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and has a near 5-star rating in both app stores. There is a $15 a-year annual subscription.

There’s also a One Sec Chrome browser extension to persuade you to think twice about logging into social media or visiting addicting websites such as YouTube, Reddit, and others.