The future is here for gamers and astronauts.

If you saw the movie “Ready Player One” you know what a haptic suit is. But you might also think the futuristic suits are far in the future. At CES this year the Tesla Suit made people aware that the future is here.

“Tesla Suit is a full-body haptic suit that incorporates a number of interesting technologies inside,” explained Tesla Suit’s Sergei Nossoff.

“There’s a haptic technology that delivers tactile sensations to a person. There’s motion capture that tracks the body movement of a person and translates that it into augmented reality, and there’s a biometric system that measures the biometric of a person to determine what the heart rate is, what is the emotional state of that person, how stressed he is or relaxed.”

At CES, Tesla Suits demonstrated the haptics by putting a gamer into a suit and connecting the suit to a computer simulation game, acting as an astronaut on the U.S. Space Station. As I watched, the man inside the suit experienced shocks to his arm and abdomen.

“He’s basically going through simulation, they have to practice how to do it in space,” explains Nossoff. “When he does something wrong, presses the wrong wire, something like that, that could lead to injury or even death, loss of cabin pressure, he can get an unpleasant haptic effect.”

Haptic suits are arguably, the most anticipated technology in the virtual and augmented world. Both gamers and the military are waiting.

“We’re talking about corporate training, military training, special forces so people can be immersed in a virtual environment,” Nossoff said..

Tesla suits are still futuristic, but not as futuristic as you might think.