2020 was a terrible year for sleeping and many people may still need help in 2021.

  If you’re having trouble falling asleep, you’re not alone. A new study shows 4 in 10 people are up all night due to “next day anxiety”, or fearing the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring.

Sleep disorders are nothing new and the tech industry has been coming up with new gadgets and devices to help people fall asleep and stay asleep.

The Rocking Bed is an adult-sized rocking bed that simulates sleeping on a cruise ship. The bed replaces your current box spring and you place the mattress you already have on top of it. When you turn on The Rocking Bed, it sways back and forth in a gentle motion that is designed to rock you to sleep. It has a timer you can set to stop rocking some time during the night.


Insomnia affects millions of Americans

this is the side of the bed
Sleep Comfort Climate 360 Bed

Sleep Number has a fairly new 360 Smart Bed that warms your feet when you first get into bed which their research finds helps people relax. The bed also warms your core to help you fall asleep and once you’re sleeping, cools the core to keep you comfortable. Just before waking the bed warms your feet slightly to help you wake up.




If you don’t want a new bed, you can try a smartphone app. There are hundreds of sleep sound or white noise apps.  

Endel creates personalized sleepscapes based on your circadian rhythm. 

Sleep Cycle has a large selection of sounds to help you fall asleep but also listens to your breathing. If you set an alarm for, say 7 in the morning, the app will determine where you are in your sleep pattern and wake you then.   Pizizz is a sleep app with a library of adult lullabies to take your mind off of whatever you’re thinking about that keeps you awake at night.

And the oddly named app “Sleep as Android” app, has lullabies, and nature sounds to help you snooze, it records snoring and sleep-talking, and a sleep cycle alarm clock to wake you up fully rested.

Here’s an important message about any free sleep sounds apps

A note about free sleep apps: some play the sleep sounds on a loop which can be distracting while you try to fall asleep. I’ve even heard of commercials playing in the middle of white noise. The apps above either cost a few bucks or require a subscription.