I wish I’d thought of this sooner. Your desktop background can be your best way to organize all those files.

 Over time a computer desktop gets cluttered with file folders, photos, documents, and games. For some people, like myself, it’s enough of a mess to cause some stress. But you can bring some order to the madness with a few steps. You can do this on a Mac, I’ll use a PC for the examples. 

 First, pull all of the programs and files you need every day to the side.  For everything else, we’ll create folders. For photos, documents, and current projects. You decide.  I created a folder for programs I rarely open and then drag those icons into the folders.  I’ll pull all of the things I use a lot to one side of the screen.

my cluttered desktop

    You can delete what you don’t need but remember these icons are just shortcuts, not the actual programs. 

To delete programs you don’t need, use the Windows key on a PC or Finder on a Mac to see what’s installed. Don’t get in a hurry uninstalling programs. If you’re not sure what it is, leave it alone.

 Organizing the files and programs in folders generally does the trick, but a busy desktop background clutters the screen too and makes files hard to see. You may want a picture of the kids which is fine. Or… choose a blank background for icons to stand out.

Or…and I love this. Use a desktop wallpaper background that acts as an organizer. You can find these free backgrounds online.  This one has space for programs you use every day, quick backups, permanent and personal stuff, and miscellaneous. 

desktop background organizer

 Or create your own with a program like a web app Canva. Name each section of the wallpaper and move the icons where you can find them. 

Your computer desktop can be more uncluttered and organized than anything you’re around all day.

   A cluttered desktop may not bother you at all but an organized desktop screen is less distracting, which means a more efficient way to work. You can do this on any computer, PC or Mac. It’s most helpful for laptop computers with smaller screens where digital real estate is harder to find.