The best streaming service few people ever tried is pulling the plug.

A few months ago when my family and I decided to ditch satellite TV and go with a streaming service, I settled on Sony’s PS Vue. The reason was simple: it offered more of the channels my family and I enjoy watching the most.

For you, it might be different, but PS Vue offered all the sports channels I want plus the cable channels my kids watch and Bravo that my wife enjoys.

Things were just great for a while, but recently I’ve noticed more buffering, more lost signal and a couple of changes in the user interface that was more than annoying. I wondered if Sony even cared. Turns out…it didn’t.

Sony announced Tuesday that it will be shutting down the PS Vue service at the end of January so that it can continue focusing on its core gaming business.

It’s the first victim in the crowded category of streaming options which is getting more crowded by the day.

Sony never marketed PS Vue. When I would tell someone I use PS Vue their first question was always: “do you have to have a PlayStation for it to work?”. No, but Sony never did anything to answer that question which certainly hurt its market share.

The PS Vue service ends January 30th so if you are still using it as your source of live TV  you’ll need to find another option.

For me, we’ll be giving Hulu Plus Live TV a chance to get our business. YouTube TV is another leading candidate.

What streaming service do you use and would you recommend it to current PS Vue users?