Seriously, who doesn’t love the bonus scenes?

Almost every time I go to the movies I’m standing or sitting there as the credits roll wondering if there’s something else coming. Bonus features like bloopers, deleted scenes or a ‘where are they now’ sometimes play at the end of a movie after the credits roll. I’m always wondering if I should sit through all the closing credits to see if there’s anything extra.

My wife is ready to go to the car while I’m waiting to see if there’s something else.


Luckily I’ve found an app that answers the questions “Is there anything after the credits?” and “is it worth sticking around for?”

After Credits for iOS lists every new release and whether there’s anything extra during the credits or after the credits. 

In “Doolittle”, for example, we see there’s a bonus during credits. Other users of the app vote on whether it’s worth the wait. The app doesn’t give anything away unless you tap “Spoilers” for a brief description of the bonus scene.

Nearly 90% of users say there’s something after the credits roll in Frozen II worth waiting for.

Older movies are listed too in case you’re watching on TV, Netflix or DVD. If you don’t see a movie listed, you can add it yourself.

What’s the best movie bonus after the credits you’ve seen?

There are similar apps but After Credits is the simplest to use and you can avoid spoilers.

The app is 99-cents but only for the iPhone and iPad. The Android app called “After Credits” is not from the same company.

The app hasn’t been updated in 8 months but users are still downloading it and updating the information. Developers teased there would be an Apple Watch version about a year ago but the company’s website has not been updated since then.