Everyone would like to earn a little extra money for the holidays. If you don’t want to put your stuff up for sale on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and if you don’t want to go to the trouble of taking photos for a listing to sell clothes on Poshmark, an app that allows you to rent out your real estate may be an easier way to go.

  You can rent out your home or apartment for an Airbnb but if you don’t want to go to that extreme you can rent out smaller portions of your property.

In some cities parking spaces are in demand and people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars a month just for a spot on the street or in a garage. Spacer is an app and website where people list their parking spaces for rent. Some rent out traditional parking spots, some make room in their driveway. Depending on where you live and the location of your space, you can earn up to $500 a month. That’s no chump change. Especially for a parking spot you’re not using.

Neighbor is a similar app and website where people list more than just parking spaces. There are listings for storage rooms, corners of storage rooms, spare bedrooms, garages, and parking pads. These are typically rented by people who need space for their boxes, boats, and RVs. You can control what people are allowed to store in your space and when they can’t and can’t have access.

If you own a swimming pool you may have already heard about Swimply. The app allows pool owners to temporarily rent out their pool to people who want to host a party or just want a change of scenery for remote working. There are few complaints from Swimply pool owners and the people I’ve spoken to say the people renting their pools have been respectful and even cleaned up after themselves.

Rent out your backyard

If you don’t have a pool or extra storage space you can rent out your yard to dogs. Sniffspot brings people together who have yards with dog owners who’d like their puppy to have a bigger place to run. The bigger the space the more you can charge. Some home or yard owners have even installed water features and fences. Most spaces on Sniffspot are rented out for $20 an hour. If you can attract a few dog owners you can easily earn a few hundred dollars a month for doing nothing (except maybe picking up after the dog leaves).

  If you’re thinking about the liability of having strangers on your property, these apps and sites offer up to $1 million of liability insurance.

Of course, the apps and websites will take a cut of your earnings.