Want more green and yellow letters? These Wordle clone puzzles may be your fix.

  How many times do you see friends post their Wordle results to Facebook or Twitter? Every day maybe? The popular puzzle game that launched in November and sold to the New York Times this month for a reported 7-figures, won the internet in 2022 thanks to millions of people who play the game every day. The worst thing about Wordle (or maybe the best depending on how hooked you are) is you can only play once a day. If that isn’t enough for you, or if you’ve gotten to the point that Wordle is too easy, these Wordle clones may be what you’re looking for.

Worldle, (that isn’t a typo) is a country-guessing game posted once a day. The creator posts a shadowed image of a country and your goal is to guess which country it is based on the shape. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? You do get clues after each guess in the form of how many kilometers or miles separate your guess from the correct answer. It’s difficult to even for world travelers.

Sedecordle and Quordle are like Wordle on steroids. Rather than guessing one word you’re guessing 4 in the same game. The puzzle layout is huge as you get more guesses than on Wordle. Each time you enter a word, the letters appear on the other puzzles with the same green and yellow codes. It takes quite a bit longer to make the guesses and even longer to solve. 

Primel is just evil unless you’re a math nerd. The idea here is to guess the correct 5-digit prime number. Much like Wordle, the numbers you enter are shown in yellow and green. If you’re math-challenged and don’t know a prime number outside the single digits, this is a game you don’t even want to try. But go ahead, be my guest.

There are a bunch of niche versions of the classic Wordle game. Taylordle is for Taylor Swift fans to guess 5-letter words that are included in her song titles or lyrics. 

Star Wordle, or Swordle is for Star Wars fans. Try to guess the correct word taken from the galaxy far far away.

Lordle is a word puzzle for fans of Lord of the Rings.

Squirdle is impossible to play unless you’re a fan of Pokemon. Name a Pokemon and you’re given clues based on their strength, weaknesses, etc. Though I was given clues after my guesses, I don’t have a clue as to what I was doing. 

Jewdle is Wordle for the Jewish culture. Phrases in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish are part of the puzzle game.

Searchdle is an all-out-computer-nerd game for SEO experts. 

There are a few NSFW Wordle clones such as Lewdle where the correct words are all words to make someone blush while Sweardle is a puzzle game featuring four-letter words.

My personal favorite Wordle clone is the extremely challenging Absurdle that changes the word of the day as you play. Your first guess won’t have any correct letters as the game eliminates any letters that you use. As you continue to guess, Absurdle eliminates words that use those letters. By your fourth guess, the only letters remaining are in the word of the day. Fortunately, the creators of Absurdle have a word list of between 2,000 and 3,000. This one is challenging but not impossible. You can play this one more than once a day and since the game changes the winning word, your puzzle is not going to be the same as your friend’s winning word.

I’ve got a link to these puzzles and more Wordle clones below. Have fun! 


Absurdle   https://qntm.org/files/absurdle/absurdle.html

Sedecordle http://www.sedecordle.com/

Quordle 4 words to guess in 9 trieshttps://www.quordle.com/#/

Dordle  https://zaratustra.itch.io/dordle

Lewdle (nsfw) https://www.lewdlegame.com/

Primel (math) https://converged.yt/primel/

sweardle (nsfw)  https://sweardle.com/

Queerdle (lgbtq) https://queerdle.com/

Taylordle (taylor swift) https://www.taylordle.com/

wordle-BTS k-pop  https://bts-wordle.vercel.app/

searchdle  https://wtfseo.com/searchdle/

jewdle jewish culture, hebrew and Yiddish https://www.jewdle.app/

star wordle  Swordle https://wordle.starwars.guide/

squirdle (pokemon)  https://squirdle.fireblend.com/

Lordle (lord of the rings) https://digitaltolkien.github.io/vue-wordle/