When it comes to dad, finding the perfect Father’s Day gift is easy if he likes gadgets. It’s even easier if he’s still working from home and doing his business meetings over Zoom.

One of my favorite tech gadgets this year doesn’t require batteries, electricity, or an internet connection.

Quartet Desktop Dry Erase White Board

It’s a desktop dry-erase glass whiteboard from Quartet. How many times have you needed to jot down a phone number, an idea, or a note and can’t find a pen and paper?

  The desktop whiteboard from Quartet sits behind the keyboard. There’s a place for dry erase markers so one is always handy. Jot down the note and when you’re done, wipe it off. I picked one up from Amazon for around $30 but they’re available at many office supply stores.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Multiple Devices

Speaking of keyboards, if dad is still using one that connects with a wire, update his space with a Bluetooth model.  Logitech has an entire line of keyboards that connect to computers and devices. The Logitech K780 has a tray to prop up a phone. It’ll connect to the computer but can switch to typing on a phone, tablet, or another computer with the press of a button. I found one at Office Depot for around $65 and they’re available and in stock at most business supply stores. Logitech has less expensive versions too.


Anker Web Cam Video Bar

 If dad’s still Zooming business meetings you can improve his appearance with a new webcam with a built-in light. Anker’s all-in-one video bar also has 4 microphones so his co-workers hear him clearly and won’t hear you making noise in the background, and speakers so he can hear them. The Anker B600 video bar is around $220.

   Dads don’t mind functional gifts. Not only are these cool and useful, but they’ll also help declutter that desk of his.