Everyone listens to music on their smartphones. Whether Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, or Tidal is your streaming app of choice, you probably hear the same songs over and over and over again thanks to algorithms.

That’s probably fine most of the time but it isn’t great for music discovery.

  The streaming app Radiooooo is unlike any other music app I’ve discovered. It’s a Time Machine of radio hits from around the world. Created by DJs who love all sorts of music, Radiooooo is a simple app to find songs from any country and any decade.

phone screen displaying date and song title
Music from any country and any decade

  Right now I’m listening to one of the more popular songs from Sudan in 1980. Fat chance the song would ever show up on a random Spotify search.


  The app is simple to use. It displays a map of the world and a timeline at the bottom of the screen. Select a country and then a decade and the app immediately begins playing radio hits that match.

Have you ever wondered what music was popular in Cuba in 1930? Probably not. But it’s kind of fun and after using the app for several hours I’ve listened to dozens of songs I’ve never heard before. Those Argentines knew how to groove in 1981.

For some countries, the Radiooooo app plays radio hits that date back to the 1910s.

(Listener tip: choose the 1980s and Central America for some great funk music you’ve never heard before).

The app also has categories where you can listen to soundtracks from popular movies in the country and decade.

How much is it?

The app is free to use and is plenty for casual listeners who just want a fun change. A premium version offers features like unlimited skips, playing music from a decade from all over the world without picking just one.

The Radiooooo app is available for iPhone and Android devices. You can also listen over the internet in a web browser by going to www.radiooooo.com