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How and why this simple utility app jumped to the top of the App Stores. Yes, you may need it.

 I couldn’t figure this one out. It was an App Store mystery. A five-year-old utility app almost no one had heard about had suddenly lept over every other app in the App Stores to hit #1 in the most downloaded chart.

copypaste app icon
Paste Keyboard

  Paste Keyboard sounded like one of those apps I didn’t need and didn’t want. I downloaded it anyway and let me tell you, there are times it’s the best utility app on my device.


Paste Keyboard, also called Paste Keyboard, is a free (with ads) app in Google Play and the Apple App Store. It makes it easy, almost effortless to send a long message to more than one person. 


Let’s say you need to send an invitation to some of your friends. They’re not in a group text so you might need to send it over text, Facebook Messenger, email, WeChat, and any other app you use to chat.

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write your text here

You type out that long message in Paste Keyboard and when you open your messaging app, you simply tap on the message to add it to the text line. Easy. Peasy. Where has this been all my smartphone life?


   There are similar apps and I admit I haven’t tried them all. I chose this app because it was all the talk on TikTok a couple of weeks ago. Let me try to explain how it works.

I can’t believe I actually need this

If you haven’t downloaded a third-party keyboard before you may not ‘get the value’ of them. There are emoji keyboards, grammar correction keyboards, and others. Once you download the Paste Keyboard on your device head over to settings and search for “keyboards”. On an iPhone, it’s under the General settings. Give the keyboard full access.

Now when you’re going to send that message tap on the “Globe” icon in the lower-left on an iPhone. On an Android device, you’ll see the keyboard option as you begin typing the message. Either way, choose Paste Keyboard.

You’ll see those messages you pre-recorded or saved. Tap on it to enter into an email, message, or any other messaging app you use. It’s very simple. To switch back to the default password just tap on the globe again.

  I won’t use it all the time of course but there are a few times it’ll come in handy. 

It’s a free app for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The free version comes loaded with ads that I can put up with but if you find yourself using the app frequently, you may want to spring for the $3 ad-free version. That’s a one-time charge and no subscription is necessary.

I will add that the app has two different names in the app stores. In the Apple App Store it is “Paste Keyboard” you can find it here In the Google Play Store it’s called “Paste Keyboard Helper App”, here’s the link to the Android version.