The ads are all over Facebook and Instagram. How does it work?

 After seeing ad after ad after ad in my Facebook and Instagram feeds I decided to see what the new fitness device called The Mirror is all about. It is a full-length mirror that doubles as a workout screen complete with fitness instructors appearing in the surface while I can watch myself perform the exercises. 

The idea of working out at home in front of a mirror is appealing but The Mirror also has a camera so, if I choose, the instructor can see me too.

My daughter Lauren couldn’t wait to try it out after seeing the advertisements herself. She downloaded the app, signed up and was ready to go in a few minutes. The app asked her personal questions such as what kind of exercise she’s currently doing and the frequency of those workouts. She has a personal trainer at her gym so I thought she’s the perfect person to try it out. 


The Mirror is nice but expensive

She chose a level 2 total body workout which was going to take 15 minutes. There are dozens of workouts available in the app led by dozens of fitness instructors. When she hit “start” the instructor appeared in The Mirror. Music played from The Mirror but she could have chosen to hear tunes from her Spotify account.

The image of the instructor was very clear and she was giving instructions to other people in the class. She even gave shout-outs to the users she had seen in the class before. The trainer walked or worked Lauren through about 10 different exercises plus a warm-up and cool-down period. 

How are the workouts?

At the end of 15 minutes, Lauren saw how many calories she had burned and could schedule another workout immediately. There is an option to take live classes or workout to a previously recorded session. I found workouts for people who are most interested in cardio, fat-burning, toning, yoga, weight training, and boxing. The instructors were energetic and clearly explained each movement. From a technical standpoint, the picture was clear and we could hear the audio coming from the Mirror speaker clearly.

So what did my daughter think after her initial workout?  “The fact that the instructor was there giving instructions the entire time and to have sort of a check-in point with you during the workout, it felt like a natural trainer was there with you in a workout class,” she said. “Of course there’s more of a personal touch with a personal trainer but as far as the workout goes, The Mirror gives you check-in points just as if you were working out with an actual personal trainer.”

The Mirror is expensive at $1495 (but the company offers seasonal discounts) and the workouts require a subscription which is $39 a month. Mirror also requires you to sign up for a year of workouts initially but gives you 3 months to get started. Mirror also offers a risk-free 30-day trial to see how you like it. Delivery is made and set up by someone who knows what they’re doing and who delivers The Mirror every day so installation and getting it in the right place in our home was easy.

It’s a premium piece of fitness equipment on the same level as a Peloton bike but for people who want more options for working out at home.

Let’s do the math:

The Mirror   $1,495  plus the monthly membership $39. The company gives you 3 free months to get started. Total price for 1 year: $1,846

A gym membership for one year depends on the gym you choose, but even the most expensive is around $60 per month: total price for a membership: $828. Of course, the cost goes down to $468 for the 2nd year with The Mirror.

    I have a full review of The Mirror on the What the Tech YouTube channel.