For YouTubers, Instagrammers, Tik Tokers and anyone who records a lot of videos.

 If you’re an aspiring YouTuber or even a TV reporter you should find the new app DoubleTake to be very helpful. If you use an iPhone X or 11.

DoubleTake is from the folks behind the video recording app FiLMiC Pro and it takes advantage of all the iPhone cameras to turn your phone into a multi-cam studio. DoubleTake captures video from the selfie camera and the 3 other cameras (telephoto, wide and ultra-wide) lenses on the iPhone 11 or the selfie, tele and wide lenses on the iPhone X and Xs.

It records a picture-in-picture video of those camera shots in one video file. In discrete mode, it will record video from the cameras you choose but stores them as single video files so you can edit them later for YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or Instagram videos.

In fact, you can share the videos just about anywhere or save them to your camera roll to upload later.

DoubleTake is a free app (imagine that) in Apple’s App Store. There is no Android version.