You might be surprised when you see this

Is it time to get a smartwatch? On Black Friday at a popular electronics store, there were at least 2 dozen people gathered around a display for the Apple Watch. They oohed and ahhhd as a sales representative took one out of the case to show what it does and how it looked in real life. I suspect most shoppers didn’t buy one but I’ll guarantee this, they all wanted one. For the most part, they felt they “needed” one.

Yes, smartwatches have finally reached the point that they’re useful enough to tempt even the savviest shopper.

Apple has the best smartwatch in the world in the Apple Watch Series 4, but now Samsung has a smartwatch that might be better. Both the Apple Watch and Galaxy watch do the same things. They’ll vibrate when you get a text message or email or phone call. You can leave your phone in a pocket or purse now. You can control the music playing on your phone and snap the shutter when you’re taking a selfie with your phone. Of course, they give you the weather forecast and conditions at a glance and keep track of steps and other health information. From a productivity standpoint, you’ll find little difference in the two.

Even Apple lovers should consider the Galaxy Watch

The much-hyped Apple Watch is every bit as good as advertised. Most everything you can do on an iPhone you can do on the watch. Check email, send and read text messages, and lots of apps to install. It’s especially good for people who’d like to keep track of their health. Track your steps, heart rate and sleep. You have choices of different watch faces and shortcuts on the screen.

The first 3 Apple Watches, most could live without. You might think it’s finally time to get a smartwatch now with the Apple Watch 4.

For Android users, Samsung’s gotten the new Galaxy Watch right. Why? because it looks likes watch. It’s beautiful actually. When you put it right next to an Apple Watch…it’s more elegant. Gorgeous.

As far as functionality, the Galaxy can do everything an Apple Watch can do…for the moment. Apple will add ECG monitoring soon. Control of the Galaxy Watch is on a ring around the face. Rotate it for different apps. Check messages, emails, you can make phone calls with a data plan.

Overall, in terms of usefulness between the Apple Watch Series 4 and the Samsung Galaxy, I’ll call it a push.

The key difference, and what may help you decide, is appearance. When you see someone wearing an Apple Watch you instantly know what it is. The Galaxy smartwatch, on the other hand, looks like a watch. Its round face and size look like most upscale watches. Unless you rotate the bezel or look closely, you wouldn’t guess it’s a smartwatch. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware. And it works on Android devices as well as iPhones.

I purchased an Apple Watch Series 4 a few weeks ago, and if I had known what was coming with the Samsung Galaxy I might have waited.