Because not everything looks like the brochure.

Have you ever been disappointed when a vacation spot doesn’t live up to the publicity photos? We probably all have. And that’s why I love this app Trover. You’re getting first-hand knowledge and first-person photos from people who’ve been there and done that.

 Trover is a beautiful and free travel and photography app. Actually, it isn’t just an app, it’s a website and social network for travelers.

The way it works is people sign up to post photos from their vacation spots so other travelers can check things out before they decide where to go. Looking for a great restaurant? On Trover, you can find the best burger in town. Looking for an out-of-the-way place to browse? Search for an address or city, and you’re bound to see multiple photos and reviews of cool spots in town.

Want to see what the beaches REALLY look like? Someone’s taken a picture of it and posted it to Trover.

They can leave travel tips on hotels, restaurants, things to do and places to go. The photos and suggestions are organized by address or city. You can also spend hours just looking at photos from around the world.

I love the layout and simplicity of the Trover app. It seems easier to find specific places than on Instagram, Yelp or Tripit. And since it’s a social network, it’s better than just getting photos from professional photographers.

There’s a Trover app for iPhones and Android devices but it’s fantastic on an iPad. Check it out before you go, and add your own photos for the next traveler.

Trover just announced it is awarding a monthly $500 scholarship to the traveler who shares the most inspiring photos and stories.

find out more about the scholarship here