Looking for a cool Father’s Day gift for your cool (maybe geeky) dad? Look no further than these gadgets.

From sunglasses that record video to a paper airplane drone there is no shortage of tech gadgets that make nice gifts for Father’s Day. Here are some of my favorites:

Logitech Harmony Smart Remote controls hundreds of devices including the TV, DVR, satellite, cable, lights, pc, speakers, streaming devices and can control them with or without the remote. The Harmony Elite connects to a Google Home or Amazon Echo and will change channels and adjust volume just by using your voice. At the moment, Amazon is knocking $100 off the regular price.

Ventev makes chargers for smartphones and watches and its Chargepad + is one of the nicest looking charging pads I’ve seen.

My choice of streaming devices, the Roku, makes a great gift for dads or anyone who’s getting into the streaming game. The Roku Express+ is the streaming device of choice for older TVs. Most streaming sticks require an HDMI connection but the Express+ connects to a TV either through the HDMI or RCA inputs.

If dad is into car and truck maintenance, an OBDII reader is something he’ll want in the garage. The OBDLink MX+ turns a smartphone into a pro-grade auto scan tool and vehicle monitor. If the check engine light comes on, a mechanic might charge over $100 to diagnose the problem and reset the light. The OBDLink MX+ does the job by connecting to any vehicle’s OBDII port. Connecting to a smartphone through Bluetooth, the MX+ displays vehicle performance and will scan for error codes. The battery draw is very low so the device can stay plugged in and provide real-time diagnostics and performance data.  The FIXD is another option.

Speaking as a dad, one of the greatest new devices in recent years is one that eliminates the need for jumper cables. Those never seem to be in the vehicle that needs jump starting. Portable jump starters are inexpensive enough to keep in every car.

The FlyHi Car Jump Starter is small enough to fit inside the glove compartment or under the seat. For less than $60, it’ll jump off most any car or truck. It also has a USB connection to charge a phone or tablet.

For larger engines, the JumpSmart Portable Car Jump Starter will jump start vehicles up to 8-cylinder and also has a powerful flashlight and charging ports for phones and tablets.

stay tuned! More Father’s Day gift ideas coming soon.

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