You never want to give them something they already have….except maybe these things.

It’s kind of funny when you realize how fast technology is moving. I look around my house and see what was new technology just a couple of years ago that is already outdated. New lights, thermostats, smart home assistants and speakers are getting better every day. The doorbell your parents had in their home might have lasted 30 years, but today? There’s always something better being released. 



We’re all familiar with video doorbell cameras now. Ring, Nest, Arlo, but I’ve found only one that has 2 cameras.

The Answer doorbell from Maximus is brand new. It has one camera aimed at eye level so you see who’s at the door, but there’s a second camera pointed downward so you can see any packages that have been delivered.

   It also has night vision and two-way talk. You can watch both cameras live and get alerted to any movement. 




    Flashlights never seem to have fresh batteries, but the Anker Bolder flashlight is rechargeable. It’s one of the brightest flashlights I’ve seen and you can zoom in or pinpoint the light to make it even brighter.






Still, using an alarm clock from the ’80s? Don’t be embarrassed, they work. But the new Soundcore Wakey alarm clock has a better speaker, plays white noise to help you fall asleep and has a wireless charging pad on top to charge your phone while you sleep. 




   Replace the lightbulbs in any fixture with smart bulbs. These from Phillips Hue dim and even change color. See what a difference going from bright white to cool white can make. Control the bulbs from a smartphone with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant.

A two pack starter kit that includes a connecting hub is $70




 You don’t want to put just any old power strip on your desk, but the Anker PowerPort Cube takes up less space and has three USB connections. Those plugs have overload protection so your phone is charged safely.





These gadgets may not be flashy, but they’re great practical gifts for almost anyone.