gunnar glasses

Because moms love gadgets too. Especially these:

Americans are expected to spend more on Mother’s Day gifts this year than ever before. The National Retail Federation believes it’ll be in the $25 billion ballpark. While cards are in the cards for most moms, I’ve rounded up a few tech gadgets they’ll love even more.

Like many of you I sit in front of a computer screen for hours every day. For the past year I’ve worn blue-light filtering glasses as I work. These block the bright blue light from computer, phone and tablet screens.  I’ve covered these glasses before and an optometrist explains why they work and the long-term impact blue light has on eyes.

You can find inexpensive versions of these glasses at Amazon but after trying many of them the last year, I’ve made up my mind that Gunnar Optiks brand computer glasses are a step above the rest.  Wearing computer glasses reduce eye strain and some eye doctors believe they’ll reduce damage to eyes that are almost always looking at bright screens.

Some computer glasses are darkly tinted amber lenses, Gunnar has several styles with an almost clear lens that still blocks the blue light. Gunnar Optiks has a variety of styles and includes prescription lenses and readers.

Everyone needs more than 1 smartphone charger and Mother’s Day is a good time to give mom another way to charge her phone.

Belkin has the Boost Up Charging dock which sits on a desk or nightstand. To charge the phone, simply lean it next to the dock. The Belkin Boost Up is a very clean looking dock and has a place to wirelessly charge an Apple Watch. The Boost Up will fast charge any smartphone that allows for wireless charging.

The Ventev Charge Stand is not only a stand but a portable battery charging pack. The form factor reminds me of a travel pill case. When closed, the charger will fit easily in a purse, a bag or even a pocket. It has a braided lightning connection that sits up straight when the case is open so that the phone stands upright. The cord can also be pulled away from the case to charge the phone. If you charge the Charge Stand ahead of time, it’ll power a phone for 12 hours of talktime.

If mom goes to the gym, she may want (or at least need) something to lock up her belongings in the locker room. The Tapplock + is the second release from Tapp that uses a fingerprint to unlock an unbreakable stainless steel shackle. Using the Tapplock app, mom will record her fingerprint or fingerprints. To unlock the Tapp, she’ll simply place her finger on the face of the device. The Tapplock One+ is water and weather-proof.

App subscriptions are one thing mom probably won’t buy for herself. Relaxation apps like “Calm” and “Sleepiest” can help mom (or anyone) catch their breath, meditate and fall asleep quickly. “Calm” is one of Apple and Google’s top relaxation apps. It plays soothing music or relaxation readings and performances by creators. There are several programs for relieving stress and for helping someone fall asleep at bedtime. “Sleepiest” is my pick for best sleep-aid app. It comes with dozens of dream-like sounds that’ll play all night. Both apps are free with very limited features. You can give mom the gift of an annual subscription of relaxation for around $50.