Pricepulse sends notifications when the item you want goes on sale.

  If you’ve ever tried catching one of those Amazon Prime Day lightning deals, you know you need to be fast. Those quick sales last just a few minutes or until the item is no longer in stock. Rather than staying on the Amazon website all day you can use an app to notify you of price drops.

Pricepulse is not owned by Amazon but it will connect to your Amazon account to spot price drops on items you have in your Amazon cart or Wishlist. It tracks prices at most major online retailers but its best feature is for Prime Day shoppers.

If you’re looking for something specific on Prime Day just search for it in the Pricepulse app and tap “start watching”.

If you’re looking for something specific on Prime Day just search for it in the Pricepulse app and tap “start watching”. If the price on that item drops Pricepulse will send a notification to your phone so you can either run to your computer or tap “Buy Now” to purchase it through a link using the Pricepulse app. 

You can also see the price history of any item for sale at Amazon. Similar to the popular website just search for the product by name in the Pricepulse app. It will show you the current price along with the highest, lowest, and average price and which day it hit those prices. I find this helpful for wondering if the price of a particular product historically drops further on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Pricepulse also shows you the hottest deals and price drops of all products as well as items that are trending on Amazon searches at the moment.

I spotted an eero mesh wifi router which is currently $169. Pricepulse shows me that it’s the lowest price ever on that item which generally sells for $463. That’s a huge 64% savings if I was planning on buying one.

here’s the app in action but continue reading below

Pricepulse also has a feature that will help you find in-demand or hot products. The Nintendo Switch is sold out everywhere right now but if one store happens to advertise new inventory, Pricepulse will find it by scanning Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop and send me a notification that it’s available.

If you do most of your online shopping from a computer there’s also a Pricepulse website and Chrome browser extension where you have access to all of that information.

If you’re planning to shop Amazon Prime Days, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, it’s worth the time and money to check out the Pricepulse app. It’s free and available for iPhones and Android devices.