Moms mean well, but sharing too much about their children on Instagram can be seriously harmful for their child.

In many of those photos the child will be naked, in the bathtub, potty training and even standing in a room facing the camera and wearing no clothes. Parents are uploading photos like these to Instagram with cute hashtags that other parents can search for them. Those parents do it innocently enough but many don’t realize that anyone can search for those hashtags and see their children, even child sex predators and pedophiles.

Statistics show that children today will have over 1,500 photos of them online by the time they are 5 years old. 

The Child Rescue Coalition is trying to get the word out to parents this month that they need to think about what they’re putting on the internet. The hashtag #nakedbabies currently has over 8,000 posts and pictures while over 340,000 photos and posts have been uploaded using #pottytraining.

The coalition and hundreds of parents are uploading photos of their kids holding signs that read “Privacy Please” and tagging them with the hashtags used by those parents who upload photos of their children.

The coalition also launched its own Kids for Privacy Instagram account to share stories and statistics with parents about the dangers of over-sharing, and parents are using the hashtag #privacyplease to help get the word out.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.