This was on one of the news days when NOTHING was going on. After making a run at 4 or 5 stories I was told to “just go find a story”. I wound up in a 3rd grade classroom and had a young boy challenge me to a handwriting contest.

Adults rarely use the handwriting skills they once had in school. Children may still use it some for homework but for how much longer? Keyboarding is the way we ‘write’ now, punching keys and tapping screens. Cursive writing is still being taught in some schools but it’s slowly being phased out as teachers are pressured to hit grade quotas in other skills.

If you still only use your handwriting for things like checks (if you even use those anymore) you’d probably do about as well as I did when a 3rd grader took me to school in a handwriting challenge.

This was the first What the Tech? news story. From February 2011.