It’s never too late to send a grad one of these gadget gifts.

No doubt this year’s high school and college seniors are getting a raw deal. They’re missing graduation ceremonies, assemblies and parties. So maybe it’s a good idea to reward their hard work with a special gift. You know, something better than a Dr. Seuss book (The Places You Will Go, really?)

Gadgets they can use make perfect gifts for any graduate. You might need them too.

With job searches, interviews, connecting with friends, professors and teachers are all being done over the internet. It opens up a wide variety of gadgets good for anyone, but especially for graduates. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites here.

For those online job interviews, graduates and anyone really, need to make their Zoom meetings look and sound better. Ring lights are so popular they sell out quickly at Amazon and other retailers. These lights provide an even, not too bright light. Most have a mount placed just right for smartphones and other cameras in the center of the ring. Look for one with a dimmer switch and a tripod or stand. The prevalence of Zoom meetings have inflated the prices, but you can still find one for under $100.

The Lume Cube is another option. These small battery powered lights and rechargeable lights can be mounted on smartphones and laptops with the included suction cup. They have different brightness settings and diffusers to soften the light. They’re under $70.

If they need to do Zoom meetings, a pair of ZVOX noise canceling headphones will ensure they hear what the interviewer is saying, plus there’s a microphone built-in so the interviewer can hear you and nothing going on in the background. The Zvox over the ear Bluetooth headphones have Accuvoice, meaning they’ll boost the dialogue. So they’re great for watching movies on Netflix too. They’re $70.

A subscription to an app makes a great gift for anyone. Graduates can use Evernote to create resumes, keep track of messages and contacts. A Premium subscription lets them sync notes across computers and mobile devices. It’s $70 a year. Other subscriptions they can use include Apple Music or Spotify, and LinkedIn Premium to find openings and reach decision makers and recruiters in most any company.

You can purchase an iTunes or Google gift card so they can choose the app they want, but for a more personalized gift, you can purchase an app and gift it to them. Just make sure you know which smartphone they use.

Many online retailers are prioritizing COVID-19 related supplies so if you do plan to order something online, you may want to do it soon.