If you like shopping online you’re going to really like this app of the day.

Shopping at Amazon? You just about have to know what you want. Way too many products to just browse. “Canopy” is like taking the best of Amazon and putting it all in one place.

Open the app and you’ll see products other people have found and liked. There’s really no rhyme nor reason…it’s just a curated shopping list. Items on the front page are categorized as “Trending”, “Most Popular” or “New”. The products are not necessarily on sale and aren’t here because they’re part of Amazon’s deal of the day. The curated products are discovered by other users and they change every day. Trending products on this day was a pair of retro sunglasses for $9 and a shower curtain for  $14.

Tap on an item and you’ll see who has liked it. Tap on the price and you’re taken to the Amazon website where you can put it in a shopping cart.

There are other categories such as toys, things for the kitchen, camping gear, clocks.  Nearly 45-hundred people like and recommend a retro clock that I really want (hint, Father’s Day????)

If you go to Amazon.com and just shop for clocks, it’s almost impossible to find. The Canopy app also lets you create lists of favorites and share them with friends on social media.

The app is free and there are no ads because it’s all ads pretty much. The developers make money from every product purchased through a link in the app.

You’re not necessarily going to save money by using the app since you’re buying straight from Amazon, but you may find yourself shopping more because it’s just so easy to browse.