Even if she says she doesn’t care for gadgets, your wife or mother will enjoy these tech treats.

Typically, women are not as interested in tech gadgets as men, that’s great news if you’re looking for a gift they can use. They may not have these tech gadgets but they most certainly can use them. 

A smartwatch isn’t just for geeky people anymore. Mom can track her fitness, health, send and receive text messages and emails and even make phone calls with an Apple Watch. The newest Series 5 starts at $400 but Series 3 is just $200. It’s only slightly bigger. It doesn’t have EKG or an always-on display but does have the basic functions such as fitness tracking, text messaging and emails.

If she wouldn’t use a smartwatch to track fitness, she might prefer a ring. The Motiv ring is a stylish tracker that developers say does a better job at tracking heart rate since it’s always making contact with your skin. They have Motiv rings for women and men.

If mom hits the gym, the Tapplock fingerprint padlock will keep her valuables safe without needing a key or combination. Just tap your finger to unlock it. 

Keeping her phone charged might be the most frustrating first-world problem. Rather than keeping up with a charging cable, she might like a wireless charging pad. The Ventev Chargepadis pretty. Just place the phone on the disc for a quick charge. 

If she loves to read books and magazines, she’ll take a Kindle Paperwhite everywhere. The display is more like print than a phone or tablet. It’s backlit so she can read it in bed or outside in daylight. Plus, it’s waterproof. It’s under $100 now. (update: it’s back up to $129)

If she loves her iPhone and is on it all. the. time, you might want to see about getting her an iPad. It’s the best tablet on the market and comes in different sizes now. If she will be using it primarily in the house to check email, Facebook and watch videos you can save money by buying the WiFi version. A cellular/WiFi iPad Pro costs at least $100 more than the WiFi-only model, plus she’ll need to add a mobile cellular plan that costs about $10 more a month on her phone bill.

Mom may ‘think’ she doesn’t like tech gadgets, these gifts can change her opinion. 


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