Mom doesn’t want another gift card for Mother’s Day. From an app connected bra to portable chargers, these gifts are sure to please:

Don’t get fooled thinking your mom doesn’t have much interest in technology. She uses a smartphone, right? She uses apps. She may even play video games and she probably would like to see some of the new tech gadgets made especially for mom. Or at least they could be.

Mom’s always on the go so she doesn’t have time to wait on her phone to charge in a wall outlet.

She’ll appreciate a portable phone charger like the Powercell from Ventev. It has a Lightning charging cable built-in, so no asking “can I borrow your cord?” The wall plug is built-in too so she won’t have to keep up with the charging block she’s been using.

There’s also a USB port to charge other devices. It has 20+ hours of reserve power for browsing the web and small enough to always be close.

If mom has one of the newer smartphones, she can charge it with a desktop stand like the PowerWave from Anker. Plug it in and place the phone on the stand. It’s a fast-charger and has a built-in fan to keep the phone cool. What’s also cool is that it stands the phone up for easy viewing in landscape or portrait mode.

The Somainnofit is a Bluetooth connected bra. I am not kidding. A smart bra that helps you find the right fit, something that’s apparently a real frustration for women. Simply put it on, log into the Somainnofit app, and it’ll tell you exactly what size bra you need. The Somainnofit was an award-winning product at this year’s CES.

 Prices for Facebook’s Portal is down to under $100. The Facetime-like tabletop display allows you to talk with any family member who’s on Facebook Messenger if they don’t have a portal. The larger Facebook portal is $250 and the 10″ is now $100. Not only can you talk face-to-face with your friends and family, but the Portal also has Alexa built-in and can deliver the news, weather, and sports every morning and play music from your Prime Music account.

Mom may be tired of dealing with earbuds with a cord. Wireless earbuds like these from Anker sound good and will stay in her ear. They’re similar, in style to Apple’s Airpods which cost around $180, Anker’s Liberty wireless earbuds are about $100 less. They’ll pair with any smartphone or device and re-charge when placed in their case.

Your mom won’t act disappointed if you give her a gift card or the same perfume you gave her last year, but these gifts will be a pleasant surprise and you just might become her favorite child.