Want a theater experience at home? Got to kick it old school.

It’s hard to believe some of us refer to DVDs as ‘old fashioned’. There are over 100 million Netflix customers now. Video rental stores are dead, but with the high-tech TVs in homes now, I found out if you’re only streaming, you’re missing out on a theater experience.

In order to stream, Netflix and the rest have to sacrifice some quality. Streaming 4k content now? If you don’t have a super-fast internet signal and a super-fast wi-fi router, you won’t get the full 4k effect. Many comparison tests show Blu-Ray DVDs, the picture quality is actually better. The colors are deeper and there’s no buffering. You have to have the right TV for 4k and a very strong internet signal for all those bits to get through fast.

If you’re connecting with a wifi router you’ve had for several years, it isn’t strong enough to pull in the full quality of 4k content.

The sound is better on DVD. Theater quality 7 channel surround sound. DVDs also have bonus features which are interesting for films you really like. Try to find something on Netflix and Amazon and you might scroll or flip for awhile before deciding what to watch. The selection is not that great with only a few recent movies available.

You can still rent BluRay discs at Redbox locations but did you know Netflix still has rentals? $5 for 1 movie a month or 8 for unlimited. The selection is impressive with almost all Oscar-nominated pictures available.

The other difference is psychological. With Netflix or Amazon you might see a movie listed and think, ‘I need to watch that’, but you never do. By renting a DVD, you feel invested and obligated to watch.

  Which is better? If convenience isn’t the only thing you consider, it’s DVDs in a landslide.


Netflix and Amazon Prime both have free trials. On Amazon streaming is included.

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