Don’t give everyone your email address, but still get the good stuff

Have you noticed an increase in the number of websites that want your email address? Seems you can’t go many places online before you’re offered a special deal such as a newsletter or e-book if you share with them your email address.

If you’re a bit uncomfortable putting your email address across the internet, not knowing where it might end up, there’s a solution.

 ‘Burner Email’ address is one that is good for only as long as you want to keep it. Available as an extension or plugin for Chrome and Firefox browsers, Burner Email will create a disposable address you can use and share with those websites.  For instance, one of my ‘burner email addresses’ is

It’s simple to use, just install the extension and when a pop-up box asks for your email address, a small icon of a flame (get it, burner?) appears in the box. Click on the flame and Burner creates a temporary or disposable email address that forwards to your Gmail inbox. You’ll get any emails, newsletters or the e-book you signed up for in a folder so it won’t clog up your Primary inbox.

As some companies do share their email lists with spammers, using burner email addresses can cut down on the amount of garbage that shows up in your inbox. If you’re getting a few too many emails from the company, you can turn it off temporarily, or burn it by tapping on the burner icon at the top of your browser.

I’ve been using Burner Email for a few weeks now and have been happy so far.

Burner emails for Firefox

for Chrome