Ads and catalogs getting same pin placement.

Pinterest makes a big announcement about how it works and says it’s going to change some more.

If you’re a power Pinterest user you’ve noticed some changes in what’s showing when you open the app or login to your account.

Advertisements are getting more placements. Pinterest announced Monday that it will include more spaces to shop when you open the app or logon. The ads will be curated so users see recommendations for what they’re most interested in.

I’m not a daily user of Pinterest but the change seems pretty drastic. I always saw pins from people and boards I follow but after Pinterest announced the change it seemed all I saw were advertisements.

There were pins from friends, but they were in the mix with advertisements and catalogs.

Pinterest allowing companies to post direct links to their entire catalogs

In its announcement, Pinterest said it is rolling out a dedicated section from retailers allowing users to “dive into a brand’s catalog by clicking ‘more from [brand]’.”

Pinterest’s other changes include:

  • Brands can now upload their full catalog and turn their products into dynamic Product Pins.
  • Shopping ads are now available to all businesses through a self-serve tool called Ads Manager.
  • Shopping search introduced so that when people search for a product such as ‘spring women’s wear’, those shopping results appear at the top of the home feed.

In a statement Pinterest posted, “For us, it’s not just about adding one or two shopping features, shopping is everywhere on Pinterest. You can search right from home feed for in-stock products, or visually search an object in a Pin to learn where to buy it.”

The announcement also informed its users to “keep an eye on more updates in the coming months.”

Pinterest has some 300-million users and like with other social media/search updates, this one will have differing opinions on whether it makes Pinterest better or if it’s straying too far from the idea sharing platform it is or was.