The real reason lame family videos get 100,000 views plus is disgusting.

One of the reasons people spend so much time watching videos on YouTube is another video is always ready to play. Recommended videos, or videos “Playing Next” are always on the right side of the YouTube player enticing you to watch a video that’s pretty similar to the one you just watched.

Even if it’s for the wrong reason.

A Reddit user noticed that because of the YouTube algorithm, videos popular with pedophiles will play automatically on an endless string. And if you haven’t thought of it before, please understand that perverts and pedophiles are watching YouTube videos that were innocently shot and uploaded of a 13 year old’s birthday, an end-of-school-year pool party, a pre-teen’s gymnastics routine and even young girls being seen by a doctor for a leg injury.

Here’s what Redditor Matt Watson found, and see for yourself.   be aware, Matt gets pretty angry about this and uses language some of you may not want to hear.

Matt’s explanation speaks for itself and after he posted the video the dominoes started to fall. The post went viral. YouTube saw it, so did AT&T, Disney and other companies that responded by pulling their advertising from YouTube.

In the past few days YouTube responded by banning or removing over 400 channels where this type of thing was being done over and over again. It also blocked comments on thousands of videos where pedophiles and perverts were leaving ‘timestamps’ and inappropriate comments.

Timestamps are used to highlight certain parts of YouTube videos so the viewer doesn’t need to sit through the entire video.

Some creeps were posting timestamps to mark moments when a little girl was in a provocative position.

Watson says everything you need to know about what’s going on but this should be something parents need to be aware of when they decide to upload videos of their children.

There are creeps watching. There are pedophiles watching.

This isn’t the first time pedos and pervs were discovered using YouTube.

And some disgusting things posted to YouTube Kids

How else can you explain why a homemade video of a 14 year old’s birthday party would get over 3 million views???

3 million. No way there are 3 million people on the planet who are watching a video of 4 or 5 young teens bouncing around and jumping in the pool. I’ve been uploading YouTube videos for 7 years and all together I haven’t had 3 million views.

In some of the videos I found getting over 100k views, I can hear a parent behind the camera asking their daughter “what size bathing suit is that?” as a 13 year old girl models different swimsuits. Apparently “bikini haul” is a thing and young girls are shooting reviews of swimsuits in exchange for free swimsuits from swimsuit companies.

In another video of what appears to be a 7 or 8 year old doing gymnastics across the living room floor, a dad is instructing his daughter which flip to do next.

Listen, parents are proud of their children and wants the world to see how talented they are. I get it. I’ve done it myself. But parents have to keep in mind who may be watching. That makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Many parents upload videos to YouTube so that their family and close friends can share in life’s big moments. Instead of publishing the videos as “Public”, keep it “private” and share the link with who you’d like to see it.