She’s hard to buy for but you want to give mom something she’ll love and use. These tech gifts fit the bill.

I probably have more trouble shopping for my mother than anyone else in the world. She generally isn’t all that interested in techie gadgets and that’s the one thing I know most about. So I went in search of some techie Mother’s Day gift ideas that she’ll like better than the same old gift card.

At CES last January I stumbled upon the Motiv Ring which is a fitness and activity tracker. Similar to the data gathered by Fitbit and the Apple Watch, the Motiv is an entirely different form factor. It’s a ring which the developer told me, makes for a better fitness tracker than a wrist-band.

“A ring you wear nice and snug and because of that we get a good connection between the skin and the sensor,” said Mike Strasser of Motiv. “There’s a heart-rate sensor inside, it’s got Bluetooth, and accelerometer and it also measures your heart.”

Since there is no screen, the battery on a Motiv ring will last for days on a full charge. That makes it easier to track your sleep patterns. All of the data it gathers is displayed on a smartphone using the Motiv app.

If your mom is constantly on the go the Hyper Juice compact case charger is a good fit. Like the compact she probably uses now the Pearl fits into a handbag or purse and holds makeup. It has two mirrors and the ring around the compact case lights up. The maker says the light can be used to light up selfies in a dark room. The Pearl compact case also has a USB connection and can charge an iPhone or Android device with just a cable.

Finally, if Mom doesn’t have an assistant in the home this is a good time to give her one. The Amazon Alexa devices are some of the most popular gadgets in the world. They’re shaped like a hockey-puck and can help with everything from playing music to giving recipes to ordering products from Amazon.

If mom isn’t an Amazon Prime member though the Google Home Mini is a good choice. The cloth covered device looks nicer than the Echo Dot and since it’s powered by Google it is capable of answering virtually any question in the world quickly.

If you’re only now starting to think of the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day these techie gifts may be perfect for even the most non-techie mom.


 Motiv Ring

 Hyper Pearl Compact Makeup Mirror

 Google Home Mini

 Amazon Echo Dot