Don’t just get the answers, learn something with Quizlet.

There are dozens of apps in both app stores for school work, homework or just for continued learning. Some just do the work for the student but Quizlet actually helps students learn and memorize.

Recommended by educators and teacher’s organizations, Quizlet brings old-school flashcards into the digital age. Students and teachers have created and organized over 140 million sets of flashcards and shared them with the Quizlet community. It’s searchable by both subject and school. You don’t have to be enrolled in school to use the app.

Part of Quizlet is old-school flash cards which display the question on one screen and a tap turns the card over for the answer. For vocabulary words, Quizlet also has audio of how the word is pronounced. You can go back and play the flashcards as often as you like.

Other learning methods are match games and multiple choice. There are also practice tests in the app. Students can create study sets and share them with other classmates and teachers can create their own set for each class and share them with students who are also using the app. If they’re not using the app they can access all of the work on the Quizlet website.

Quizlet is free for iPhones, iPads and Android devices but the free version comes loaded with ads. There is a paid version with no ads.

For some reason ,Quizlet has a different app in the app stores. In the Google Play Store it’s simply Quizlet, but in Apple’s App Store it is Quizlet Flash Cards.