Would you like to control the story in your dreams? 

Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were in a dream? You could choose how your dream would go? You could control what was happening. That’s called “Lucid Dreaming”. And if you’ve experienced it, you know how awesome that can be.

The app “Luci”, claims to be able to train your brain to remember dreams and experience more lucid dreaming.

It does this by helping you keep a record of each dream. Since your phone is right by your bed, you wake up and jot down what you remember, and why you think you may have dreamed it.

So last night I dreamed Brad Paisley and I were at a club watching Carrie Underwood perform standup comedy. She was great by the way, but I don’t remember the jokes.
You record in the app how clear the dream was and how much you remember and if you suspect why you had the dream. As you use the app more and more, you have a complete record of every dream you remember, which is pretty cool in itself.

All those records will, after a while, train your brain to have more lucid dreams. Maybe a few times each week.

Luci is an Android-only app and can be found in the Google Play Store.  Google named “Luci” as one of its ‘best of’ apps of 2018.