As you’re looking over your Christmas gift list, you may be stumped over what to give one specific person. Mom.

I don’t know about your mom but I don’t think mine has ever asked for anything in her life. That’s my sweet mother but gosh-darn-it we all want to make mom happy with a thoughtful gift. (sorry for the language mom).

Truth be told though, moms and technology don’t always mix well. Gadgets are a dad-thing but I can almost guarantee there’s something on this list that’ll make mom happy and things she would never even think to ask for.

If mom lives out of town the Nixplay digital photo frame will help her watch the grandkids grow. This frame is different than others on the market because it allows someone to upload the photos from their smartphone no matter where in the world they might be. On a family vacation, you can choose photos to share just be adding them to the frame within the Nixplay app. Or, you can choose to upload the photos automatically when one is taken. The photo frame supports videos too.

The Amazon Surprise Sweets is a gift that keeps on giving. Get the Surprise Sweets Dash button. Whenever she presses the button, a box of sweets is shipped to her. The box of chocolates and other gourmet sweets arrive in a few days. She won’t know what she’s getting until it shows up on her doorstep. Each Sweet Treats box is charged to your account, They’re about 18 dollars for each order.

If mom doesn’t have a connected car where she can use her phone over Bluetooth through the car radio, she might like one of the Jabra hands-free devices. The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth in-car speakerphone has its own speaker and microphone so mom can answer and place calls just by using her voice.  It has a mounting clip that slides over the driver’s side sun visor. To place a call she can Siri or Google and carry on a conversation without needing to pick up her phone. This one will also play music playing on a smartphone.

Mom may not even know she needs a personal assistant but after using one of Amazon’s Alexa devices she’ll be surprised just how often it’s used. Amazon’s 2nd generation of Alexa looks more appealing than the older versions. It is covered in cloth and comes in different colors. Mom can ask Alexa to play music, ask for the forecast or news briefs or answer a question she might have to prove her husband wrong. Alexa personal assistants can also help mom if she’s cooking dinner by suggesting meals based on what’s already in the pantry. And if mom has one of those Instant Pots everyone raves about, Alexa will provide recipes and how-tos. The Alexa has a built-in speaker but if you’d rather get her something less expensive but without a great speaker, the Echo Dot makes a fine gift.


If mom carries her smartphone everyone a portable battery charger makes a good gift, but a purse that has a portable battery charger built inside? An even better gift. The Mighty Purse from HButler has dozens of styles that each come with a built-in charger. The purse will keep an iPhone or Android device charged throughout the day. It only needs to be charged itself for a few hours.

Who says mom wouldn’t enjoy a gadget for Christmas?