Everyone will be talking about these products.

I’ve looked at a lot of tech gadgets this year and two of my very favorites are both great for people who love to entertain in their home. One is not much bigger than a soda can but it brings the movie theater experience into your home or your backyard.

The Anker Nebula Capsule II is a portable Bluetooth high-def projector. Its built-in battery runs for 3 hours, long enough for most movies. The speaker is built-in for a 360-degree sound that fills up a room. What’s especially great about the Nebula Capsule is how many options you have for watching. Connect it to your home WiFi and browse through YouTube videos or movies from the Google Play Store, there’s an HDMI input for DVD players or, you can use an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku to stream something off Netflix or another service.


You’ll need a screen and I found a portable one from Elite Screens that was easy to set up in my backyard. Built a fire, brought out the chairs and had a movie night under the stars. I could have connected another Bluetooth speaker for louder sound but the built-in speaker was just fine. 

I can also see how this projector might be useful for business people making PowerPoint presentations. In fact, I used it for a presentation when I knew there would be no electrical outlets nearby. I plugged it into a portable battery charger which kept it going.



For music listening, the House of Marley Stir-It-Up Wireless Bluetooth turntable is not only beautiful but it’s packed with features that I love. Connect it to your home stereo system, or, since it has a built-in pre-amp, wirelessly through a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. It doesn’t even have to be in the same room. You can also connect it to a computer to turn those vinyl records into something you can listen to on the go.

   The Stir-It-Up Bluetooth turntable is constructed of bamboo, recycled plastic, and aluminum and fabric and it sounds as good as it looks. Have your friends bring their records over for a listening party.

I’ve got it connected to an old Bluetooth speaker I use around the house but Marley also makes matching bamboo speakers that are beautiful. And any audiophile will tell you, music just sounds better this way.


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