They’re so popular they may sell out and they won’t go on sale.

Tech toys and gadgets are expected to be among the hottest Christmas gifts this year and if you’re waiting on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get them, you may miss out.


Several toys and electronics either won’t be on sale or will sell out in advance of the shopping holidays. Here’s my list of gifts that will be almost impossible to find on sale:

  • Apple AirPods Pro. These earbuds were released just a few weeks ago and they’ve been red hot in all the retail shops including the ones online. An Apple Store I went inside last week didn’t have any in stock and the genus behind the bar told me they hadn’t had any in some time and didn’t know when they’d get more. The newest AirPods have active noise canceling and it does make a big difference in what you’re hearing, or what you’re not hearing. Apple rarely puts new products on sale so you can expect to pay $250 for a pair of AirPod Pros if you can find them.
  • Apple Watch Series 5. The latest smartwatch from Apple is also brand new and while it isn’t a giant leap forward from the Series 4, there are some features people want. The big reason these watches are on gift lists is that Apple will no longer sell the Series 4 so depending on which retailer you’re shopping with, you may have only a few choices in style.
  • Juno Baby Elephant. This interactive toy could be this year’s Tickle-Me-Elmo or Cabbage Patch Kid. Juno responds to your voice and commands with its own sounds and flappy ears. Kids (and parents) love this toy which was released over the summer. The price is currently at its lowest at $77. In July it was $100 but became popular to the point many retailers couldn’t keep them in stock. 3rd party sellers purchased them and jacked up the price to over $200. Last time I checked they are available at most major retailers that sell toys and electronics.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite. The newest mobile game console from Nintendo came out in September and has been a big seller. I found these in stock online and in the stores but Amazon’s ad says it won’t be in stock until December 20th. The Switch Lite is $200 while the larger Nintendo Switch is $299. On Black Friday Walmart will throw in a bonus game for the Switch but neither version will be part of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale. 

If these gadgets and toys are on your shopping list, don’t wait on lower prices. You may see them on sale Black Friday but it will probably be part of a “Doorbuster” where there are only a few available per store.

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