Please don’t wuss out and get dad a gift card this year. These tech gadgets are brand new and will make him go ‘wow!’

I don’t know about you but dads are a little easier to buy for than moms. But we still give him gift cards and after-shave. This year there are some gadgets that have only been around for the past few months. Gadgets he’s never heard of that’ll make him go “wow!”.

track your fitness with a smart belt

Dads who sit behind a desk most days don’t benefit from a Fitbit or other fitness tracker that is worn on the wrist. You need to be moving to track any health information. That isn’t true for a new fitness tracker called “The Welt“. I’m not crazy about the name, but the product is interesting.

The Welt is a smart belt fitness tracker you wear just like any other belt. It’s adjustable and very fashionable. Here’s how it works:

You’ll need to cut off any excess strap and record the measurement in The Welt app. Once it knows the length of your belt, it’ll measure your waist based on which hole you’re using to tighten it. If you eat a big meal, The Welt somehow knows and records every measurement. It’ll also track steps and how long you’ve been sitting down. It’s on the expensive side ($229).


DJI’s Osmo Pocket is $350

One of my favorite gadgets of 2019 (so far) is the DJI Osmo Pocket. It’s a 4K camera with a gimbal and it is small enough to fit in your pocket. If you’re unfamiliar with a gimbal, some people call them a steady-cam. It keeps the camera lens steady as record video. If you’ve ever tried shooting video of a dance recital or ballgame with a smartphone, you know it’s nearly impossible to get a steady shot. With a gimbal, and with the Osmo Pocket, it’s like putting a camera on a tripod.

The Osmo Pocket has a small video screen to monitor what you’re recording, but for more control, you’ll want to connect it to your smartphone by attaching it with an adapter that plugs directly into the phone’s charging port. This also gives you the ability to use some features that take over the recording and will edit a video of what you shoot complete with music and graphics.

Osmo Pocket with smartphone mounted

For example, using the “Fashion” mode, the Pocket will record a sequence of short videos of 1-4 seconds. During recording the gimbal spins at the end of each sequence so your video has transition effects between every shot.

At the moment, the Osmo Pocket is on sale at Amazon.

The Osmo Pocket was a popular gadget at this year’s CES.



Anker’s Bolder flashlight is the brightest I’ve tried

Lastly, I discovered the Anker Bolder flashlight while browsing a certain online retailer. I needed a flashlight for late night dog walks. The Bolder is the brightest flashlight I have found with 900 lumens which shines the bright light for some 200 yards. It also has a zoom which focuses the bright light like a spotlight. It’s small enough to put in your pocket or car console for emergencies (it has an SOS function). The Bolder comes with a rechargeable battery which does not need a separate charger,  you just plug the flashlight into a USB connection to a wall charger or computer.

These gift ideas are sure to please the greatest dad in the world.


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