Free tickets. No subscription, no fees. Just your time and attention.

How many commercials are you willing to watch for free movie tickets? 5? 10? A new Kickstarter project is aiming for 20 minutes.

“PreShow” launched the Kickstarter project on Thursday seeking $10,000 from backers. Users will be given free tickets to the movie of their choice IF they watch ads before going to the box office.

“You’ll download the app, the ‘PreShow’ app and you will browse a list of current movies or movies coming soon,” explains founder Stacy Spikes in the company’s Kickstarter video. “Select the movie you want to see. You’ll get a PreShow that’s delivered to your phone and once you’ve completed it, you’ll earn points to go to the movies; that’s it.”

According to the description, users will need to watch approximately 15-20 minutes of branded content in exchange for points that will pay for 2 tickets. Just a few hours after launching, “PreShow” had reached nearly half of its goal from over 100 backers.

The company is using Kickstarter, not for seed money, but to find the right customers to get it started. Backers can invest $15, $25 or $60 to get early access to the app and service. It is not available in either app store but will be released to supporters pledging $60 in July. According to the description, the only people with access to “PreShow” are backers and their friends. Backers will be able to invite a set number of friends to download the app after all of the early backers have been able to download it.

So while “PreShow” won’t cost users anything, it does cost to get access this year, unless one of your friends backs the project for $15, $25 or $60 and gives you one of their invites.

Consumers seem to be okay with watching advertisements in exchange for entertainment content. “Hulu”, “Tubi TV”, “Pluto”, “YouTube” and “Roku” all offer movies and TV shows now in exchange for non-skippable advertisements and commercials. “PreShow” brings that concept to the movie theater experience.



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