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That free app with a trial you just downloaded, could cost you $99 if you’re not careful.

Many Apple users have complained to the company in recent years that they were charged for an annual subscription to an app after only signing up for a free trial. It’s a trick some app companies use to sign up new users but oftentimes, the consumer would see that once the free trial ends, a paid subscription begins. It happens all the time.

Apple this week added a confirmation popup when someone is about to subscribe to something. Before the download begins, the popup notifies the user that by confirming the subscription, the user must cancel at least one day before the subscription period ends.

App subscriptions and in-app purchases account for billions of dollars each year but much of that is from accidental subscriptions. By adding the new step, Apple hopes users will make note of the trial end date.

It may save consumers a good bit of money but might also cost app companies that have been tricking users into subscriptions they did not want.

All smartphone users should take a look at their app subscriptions within Apple’s App Store.

Open the App Store app, then tap the icon at the top right side of the screen. There you will see an option to manage subscriptions. Free trials that convert to annual subscriptions will be listed here. Users can cancel the subscription and still be able to access the app until the trial date ends.

If you do not see the new popup when you purchase a subscription in an app, look for it after updating to Apple’s latest iOS 12.2