I’ve seen dozens of virtual reality glasses and goggles, from the upscale Vive and Occulus to the Google Cardboard. Yes, those are impressive (the Cardboard is just okay) but perhaps the best of the bunches of under $99 VR headsets is one that’s both VR and AR (augmented reality).

The Merge VR Headset is made of a soft rubber material which makes it both comfortable and practically indestructible (give your young kids one of these, NOT a Vive or Gear VR). But it isn’t just the construction; it’s what you can do with it by adding a simple block with lots of squiggly lines.

Sure, I can try to describe it but you really need to see the Merge VR Headset and Merge Cube in the video.

These toys were sold out at Amazon over Christmas and last time I checked, Amazon had just 1 Cube left in stock. You might also find them still on a shelf in Walmart.