You could lose your deposit and have to quarantine your entire vacation.

  I don’t remember it ever being this difficult to book a vacation. COVID-19 state restrictions vary throughout the country and trying to figure out where the best destinations for a family vacation can require a lot of time online searching each state’s health department website. Restaurants are fully open in some states while others limit seating capacity and still, others have different restrictions. It’s a real challenge to find that information online.

Can you imagine paying a deposit on a condo only to discover it’s a state that will require visitors from your state to quarantine for 14 days? Or, you book a vacation only to find out no bars are allowed to open?

Several websites though gather publicly available information and place it all in one place. Here are three websites where you can get the latest information.

Can you imagine paying a deposit on a condo only to discover it’s a state that will require visitors from your state to quarantine for 14 days?

The Kaiser Family Foundation has multiple pages of information on the COVID-19 section of the website

Interactive maps that show data for each state by certain metrics. One map shows the hotspot states, other maps show cumulative cases, cumulative deaths, and cumulative tests. By clicking a state on the interactive map you will see more detailed information. KFF also has a separate map that shows social distancing requirements and actions which can include information on states that allow bars to reopen and restaurants that can allow dine-in service.

In addition to the maps, there are tables with the information along with links to those states COVID-19 updates.

Wanderlog is an app and website with a wealth of information for travelers. It’s new COVID information pages show state-level travel restrictions. By entering the state you currently reside in, the Wanderlog website shows all the states that require travelers to quarantine for 14 days. So if you live in one of the states currently considered a ‘hotspot’,  you’d hate to book airplane tickets to a state that won’t let you leave a hotel room for two weeks.

Don’t Travel to Areas Where New Cases are Surging

You wouldn’t want to travel to an area where COVID-19 cases are surging so it’s a good idea to check with USA TODAY’S coronavirus reopening webpage. This site shows all trends for every state. The map is color-coded to show states that are seeing new cases growing, those that are steady, and those states where new cases are shrinking. It also includes a section that shows data on states that are loosening or tightening the rules.

Another map I found interesting here is one that shows areas where people are leaving their homes more or less. Currently, every state reports people getting back to leaving their house, even in states that are under new restrictions. 

The information on all three websites are updated frequently and include links to official state resources. 

It’s a tricky time to travel and these websites can help you make a good decision on where to go this fall.