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 No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit for a special occasion only to never wear it again. Something about being seen in the same dress or shoes can drive many women crazy. (I have a wife and daughter…I’ve experienced it first-hand).

   Apps and web platforms are trying to help women with that problem and anxiety while also giving them an opportunity to make some money by renting out those clothes, shoes, and accessories.

“Wardrobe” is an app and web platform that allows women to select items from their closet, ship them off to the company that rents them to other users. 

“The average woman has 57 items in her closet that she doesn’t wear even once a year,” explains Wardrobe founder and CEO Adarsh Alphons. “So we’re taking these closets and saying ‘hey if everybody else wants to wear them, you can wear it. And the person who’s opening up their closet, they get paid out for it. So think of it as an Airbnb of fashion.”


   Here’s how Wardrobe works: Users select the items they want to loan or rent to other users. Right now most of the items on Wardrobe are high fashion purses, shoes, dresses, and other clothing items. Wardrobe sends a shipping label for the owner of the clothes to send back to them in their New York City headquarters. Wardrobe has the items dry cleaned and put in storage at dry cleaners across the country. The company also takes photos of the items and adds them to its website and app listing.

When another user wants to rent the item, Wardrobe either retrieve them and ships them to the user or, if there’s a Wardrobe hub at a nearby dry cleaner location, the user can pick the item up there. When the rental is finished, the user returns them to the hub where they are dry cleaned again and wait for another rental.

Users who have their items rented, receive 70% of the rental price.

When I browsed the website and app I saw a Vera Wang dress that retails for $500 available to rent for $27.95 and a Chanel sweater that lists for retail for $3,000 available to rent for $62. Most items are price to rent for 4-6 days.

“Women already share their clothes. It’s something they’ve already been doing for a long time,” explains Alphons. “The average person, after they wear it 2 or 3 years, they’re kind of done with it and they move on,” he said.

Wardrobe also has a Halloween department with costumes and other unique items that will make an interesting outfit.  “A big part of Halloween this year is going to be played out online,” Alphons said. “If you reserve something for Halloween today or this week, we guarantee to get it to your door.”

  Wardrobe has expanded its reach to all 50 states since going nationwide a couple of weeks ago. 

Here’s the discount code. I’ve only got 200 of them so first come, first serve.

Alphons is offering our viewers a special discount code for their first rental. Use the discount code FIFTY to receive $50 off your first reservation. It’s essentially a free reservation. The code is valid for the first 200 users. You can access Wardrobe by downloading the iOS app or going to the website