If clutter gives you anxiety, your contacts app will ruin your day. This app helps.

When was the last time you looked at your Contacts app on your iPhone? Do you have hundreds or thousands of names, addresses and phone numbers? Chances are good that some of the contacts you no longer need or want. Some you may not even recognize. Some may only include a name with no phone number or email. Why are they there? Because it’s too difficult to get rid of them.

“Cinder” is an iPhone app that helps de-clutter your Contacts list. The app connects with your contacts and then displays a card with the name, address, phone number and a profile picture if it’s on your phone. If you no longer need that contact you can tap an X or swipe left to delete it. Want to keep it? Swipe right or tap the check mark. Cinder is kind of like Tinder in that way.

Compare that to how you have to delete contacts now: scroll through them within the Contacts app, tap to select one, tap on an edit button, then scroll to the bottom of the screen, tap delete and then tap Delete again to confirm. No wonder my contacts list has never been modified.

Within about 10 minutes of using the Cinder app, I had cleaned up or deleted over 50 old contacts that were either outdated or people I don’t remember. Some were also duplicates (one name had 6 entries). I accidentally hit the x button on a contact I wanted to save but Cinder asks you to confirm the deletions before you get rid of them for good.

The Cinder app is free but there are some ads that appear after confirming that you want to delete the contacts.

I’m one of those guys who gets anxious when there are too many unread emails on my phone and seeing hundreds or thousands of unwanted contacts muddling up the app so Cinder is just what I need.

Sadly, it’s only available for the iPhone.