Yes, there’s an app for that

There are hundreds of apps in both app stores that are built to bring two consenting adults together for an intimate relationship. This is not one of those apps.

uConsent is an answer to recent allegations of sexual misconduct that have been making news all year. Whether it’s the Bill Cosby case, the allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein or countless others, the question of whether sex was consensual often comes down to ‘he said, she said’. uConsent offers to keep a record of sexual activity to show both people agreed to have sex.

Here’s how this app works:

One person downloads the app and gives it permission to access the camera and location settings. Before they engage in a consensual moment they ask their partner to download the app as well. It’s available for both iPhones and Android devices. The first person requests through the app to “get consent”. The second person taps on “Grant consent”.

Both parties must be near each other and enter what act they’re asking for or granting consent. The word or phrase must match.

The person granting consent is then asked to point their smartphone camera toward their partner’s phone where a QR code will be displayed. Once aimed at the code, both phones record or capture the consent. The app stores the consent in the cloud which is available only if a judge subpoenas it. uConsent states no one will see the information and it is not stored on the phone.

The app makes a record of the date, time and place where consent was granted. Lawyers don’t believe the information would be of much help in court because either person can change their mind during the act.

There are similar apps to uConsent. Many have come on the scene in recent months as the #MeToo movement began.