This upcoming school year is going to have quite a few unknowns. Quizlet, however, is here to help.

As teachers and parents begin to navigate a new school year like never before, many are wondering how to engage students in class work from home while giving mom and dad time to meet with co-workers over Zoom meetings, phone calls and file-sharing.

While there are many educational apps in both app stores, many of them miss the mark by not fully engaging students or just giving away the answers. Otherwise known as cheating.

Quizlet is different in that it’s highly regarded by teachers and professors as well as parents.

The free app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices offers study sets for just about every subject being taught in school and universities today.

Arithmetic, Science, Algebra, Social Studies, Psychology, you name it.

There are even study sets for foreign language learning, music, dance and film. Just search for the subject and scroll through all the different sets. Most sets are created by teachers and professors for their classroom but anyone can access them.

At its core, Quizlet’s digital flashcards helps students learn terms, problem solving and correct answers. Just like the old fashioned flash cards, Quizlet’s flashcards are easy to create and easy to read, just tap the screen to flip it over for the correct answer.

The app also has games such as matching the correct term and ‘gravity’ games where you must select or enter the correct answer to keep an asteroid from hitting the earth.

Study sets are available for the youngest kindergarten student learning shapes up to college graduates moving on to postgraduate studies.

Teachers can create their own flash cards and games and share the link with students. Quizlet Live allows teachers to teach all of their students in a virtual classroom. The app is free to use but there’s also a premium version that’s about $30 for a full year.