5 Apps Perfect for Commuting

User engagement in apps remains strong in 2017. Apple and Android continue to make billions from app sales, with the former generating US$40 billion and the latter US$21 billion (third-party apps earned US$20 billion).

Although the app market now have the likes of Android Control Panel that’s designed for utility, a lot of people still download these programs to help them pass the time. This is evident by the fact that games continue to top the list of most downloaded apps of 2017.

That being said, there are still other options for people who wish to distract themselves during their daily commute. The list below takes a look at an assortment of apps that you can check out to help you pass the time while on your way to work.


Cost: Free

According to legend, folding a thousand paper cranes will allow you to make your wish come true. Albeit an old wives’ tale, that prospect is still fascinating, especially when you can create these paper birds on your mobile device. Paperama allows both origami beginners and experts to have fun solving over 70 paper puzzles.

Learn the art of origami digitally by downloading Paperama on Google Play.

Solitaire City

Cost: US$2.99

If you’re a fan of old-school card games, Solitaire City may be the app for you. The game features over 70 versions of the classic card game, including Klondike, FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, Tri-Peaks, Scorpion, and Pyramid. Aside from playing your favorite variation, you can even try to top the leaderboard and unlock achievements.

Commuters looking for a nostalgia fix can get Solitaire City on iTunes.

Foxy Bingo

Cost: Free

Who says you have to head over to a bingo hall to play bingo? With Foxy Bingo, you can play it while on the road, with the app housing over 300 games, including virtual slot machines. Originally a web-based platform, Foxy Bingo has since branched out with the launch of its official app. You don’t even have to be a pro to get started because a Newbie room is available where you can play games for free during your first three days.

Foxy Bingo is available on iTunes.


Cost: US$3.99

If you’re a commuter who loves to access the hottest news on your way to work then Funnel is a great resource. Funnel collates the latest audio newscasts from major news agencies into a single app.

To stay in the know download Funnel on iTunes.

The Great Courses Plus

Cost: Free

If you want to stay productive while commuting, download The Great Courses Plus. It allows you to listen to audio recordings of lectures by the best college professors in the world. If you miss learning new things, and need a resource that will turn everyday into a school day then The Great Courses Plus has lectures focusing on STEM subjects, photography and much more.

Download The Great Courses Plus on your Apple device and share your newfound knowledge with your peers for more brain-stimulating conversations.

Photo: Pixabay