And one can replace a missing home button. Sort of.

First, it was the headphone jack and now it’s the home button. Apple has removed the circular button on the face of earlier iPhones so that the newest iPhones, the X, Xs, XS Max, and Xr can have larger display screens. While the new screens are beautiful it will take some time before iPhone users are completely okay with the disappearance of the home button. It’s how we’ve always turned on the phone, logged in and returned to the home screen.

Did you know you can add a home button to the display screen with any iPhone? At least a virtual button.

You can see what it’s like by going to general settings and scrolling to the Accessibility options. Turning on “Assistive Touch” will place a circular button, more like a dot, on the screen which you can re-position. While you cannot use it to log on with a fingerprint,  you can use it to return to the home screen at any time. Whether you’re in an app or on another page of apps. Tap the spot and you’ll be back to page one of your home screen.

Tapping the virtual button also calls up options to adjust the volume, lock rotation, go to the control panel and call up Siri. It doesn’t completely replace the home button you’re accustomed to, but it could be helpful.

Actually, there are a few other hidden settings few people know about that can make your iPhone experience better.

Turn up the speakers to 11

Have you ever wished the volume on your phone could be louder when listening to music? If so, go back to settings and scroll down to “Music” then choose “EQ”. These audio settings are meant to play music according to the style. You’d think setting it to “Loudness” would increase the volume the most but after trying all of the settings I can, with certainty tell you that the “Late Night” setting boosts the loudness, treble and bass. Give it a try the next time you’re ready to jam.

Shake to undo

Here’s one of the greatest hidden features found in all iPhones: the ability to erase or backspace your way through a text message you don’t want to send. Up until now, you may have been tapping the backspace button to erase your message so you could start again, but you can do the same thing by shaking your phone. When you shake the phone while tapping out a text message, email or Facebook message, you’ll get an option to Undo what you’ve typed. This is extremely helpful if you’ve typed out a long message only to think of a better way to word it. Just shake then tap undo. Believe me, this will come in handy some time. Primarily when auto-correct does a number on your message.

While you’re checking out these features, take a close look at other accessibility features in settings. There are options to make the text larger on the screen, make it bold, zoom, increase contrast and create custom gestures as shortcuts to things you do often.